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Taste the rainbow, if you must

Anybody out there have easy access to an intact bag of Skittles? I just need to know if there is a warning about nuts on the bag, and my bag was cut open straight through the ingredients list. Mia's half-birthday party at preschool (don't get me started) is this week, and she wants cupcakes (she doesn't like cupcakes) with cherries on top (she doesn't like cherries) and I have talked her into the Skittles instead of cherries (atop the homemade from scratch cupcakes) and now I need to know if I can actually send Skittles to preschool without killing any of her classmates.


And oh my god, you remember just recently when I was talking about how kid poop from your own kids is just not really a big deal because you get used to it quickly and whatever? I take that back. Poor Owen seems to have a touch of a stomach thing, and this morning I threw away his pajamas and the blanket I changed him on because I simply could not deal with it. I am giving careful thought to also discarding the high chair and replacing the bathtub because I'm not sure I can face either ever again.

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I just happen to have a thing of skittles sitting beside me. As far as I can see it doesn't say anything about nuts on the packaging.

I agree with Adi, I just checked the bag I have and it says nothing about nuts whatsoever!

I haven't touched Skittles in years, so I can't help you there. But I hope that Owen is feeling better soon! Poor little guy!

they let you send home made cupcakes? so not allowed at my kids preschool, oh and they do the half birthday thing too.

Re: Owen-we refer to that as nuclear poo, and many items have been trashed. The poo to effort ration is usually to unbalanced to bother.

Re: cupcakes-at my Owen's school, we can only send fruit for birthdays. BORING. Cupcakes are way better.

Someone please tell...what is a half birthday??? And can I get one of those now that I am in my 30's?

A HALF birthday? That's new to me!

As others have said, we are not allowed to send home made stuff to our preschool either. And I threw out a pair of jammies this morning. Anthony's poops are always kind of nasty, and somehow he lost his hugely full of poop morning diaper inside the leg of his pajamas. Pajamas went in the trash and the kid went in the tub. It was nasty! So yeah, you're not alone. :-)

wow...gross can't believe it took till he was a year old, not speaking from experience of course. so I have one other question....I think you should ask on your come you aren't allowed to bring in homemade cupcakes? what are you supposed to bring in? It appears that more than one mom has said that. Hope your cupcakes are good and cute :)

No Skittles, sorry. You're going to have to do some explaining about the half birthday thing. I'm guessing after some quick math that it's because her birthday is in August when she's not in school?

Ahh..poor Owen. Hope he's better soon.

Not that you need advice on being a baby momma, as you are doing an awesome know, homemade cupcakes and all, but those stupid grocery bags you have 12 billion of? I would position that under his bum when you need to change him...then everything is all ready to be- well, do you have a toxic waste bin, that be helpful too.

I wish my kids could bring homemade stuff to school but it has to be store bought. Are you sure they allow homemade stuff. It seems that more and more schools are adopting that rule. I guess it ensures that someone won't poison the kids. We always take this pack of Skittles and Starburst that we get at Walmart for school stuff. The kids love being able to choose their favorite.

I just read Chris' post and I hope you're feeling better!

Also: my mom has celebrated my half birthday for as long as I can remember--I get a birthday card cut in half every year (bonus, she has the other half for next year!), 1/2 a cupcake or cake, etc. We'll do this with Theo too because it's so fun :-) Hope you found something to bring!

Just read Chris' post and wanted to wish you and the kids a speedy recovery! Hope you guys feel better soon.

I feel sooooooo lucky Dex has had very little D in his life. Of couse not that I have types that, you KNOW what I am gonna go home to.

P.S. HI!!! Sorry I have been MIA. Crazed here.

hope you feel better...flu sucks alot

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