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People! Do you remember when I had a contest to write me a something to put on Twitter so that I wouldn't be a total blank, and you were all so lovely and witty and then I still never did it? Well, let me tell you that I have devised the perfect (and entirely true! which is a little sad if you knew what it was!) statement to put on Twitter, and it is oh so hilarious, but also an egregious overshare. And oh, but I am so torn between the hilarity factor and the you people will judge me factor.

Sometimes the internet is hard.

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oh god, just tell us. we'll love it :)

Oh you have to tell us. Please?

I just love that you have 119 followers now.

Me included.

Yes, I like KoolAid, why do you ask?

All the more reason we have to hear it ;)

120 now. And you still haven't posted it!

At least you're not wasting bandwidth Tweeting every two seconds about the Bollywood movie you're watching like I do.

You are a mean mean person. MEAN. Tell us. Meanie. =)

I won't judge you... You can tell me! ;)

Dude. I say it with love, but Twitter -- you are doing it wrong :) Quick little nothings, that's what it's supposed to be. Out with it!

Perhaps the oversharing is why we love you. I say just do it. No judging here!

I think you should put that in a different drawer to avoid that problem next time ;)

(AND, I thought your tweet was PERFECT. That is exactly the kind of tweet I like on twitter, and exactly the kind of thing I look for in the people I follow. Seriously. If it's goofy, has a stupid euphemism for sex, or claims it is NOT a euphemism BUT IT REALLY IS, I am ALL OVER IT!).

Wow. What is up with me and all caps today?

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