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Ashamed, but still

I hate to admit this, but I think I might need coordinating boy/girl Easter outfits. And I don't know where to find them (much like Little Bo Peep). Suggestions?

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Do you want something really simple - like bunny ears with blue or pink ribbons, or something more complicated - like, um, the easter bunny and an egg... or, as you say, Bo Peep and a lamb... Two little chicks? that's kinda springy...

or is it actual shops rather than ideas you want?

Hanna Anderson (store or website) has lots of boy/girl outfits... try looking there.

Oh, I misspelled that. It's Hanna Andersson.

No clue, but can't wait to see the pictures.

You could try . They have a link for matching outfits. Or has a link for matching clothing too I believe. Don't be ashamed! I think it's cute. has some cute dresses for Mia with coordinating shirts for Owen.

I am very sorry to report that I have no suggestions since I just have the one kid, but please, please, please post pics if you do manage matching outfits. Seriously, how adorable is that going to be?!?

If you can't find something totally matching, maybe you could dress them in the same kinda fabric? Like both in white and blue seersucker or something? Ooh, seersucker, so cute!

The Children's Place always has cute coordinated stuff.

Cutesy, yet good quality.

You are going to kill me for this because the stuff is sickeningly sweet (which, come on, is cute sometimes) and uber expensive (to me. Which is never cute). So here: This is only the first page, the pages are on the lower right corner.

But if you are ever looking for an excuse to visit the White Mountains, they have tent sales twice a year ;-)


Good suggestions above- and I have to relate because I never thought I would dress my children alike but now that I have 2 boys, I can't get done coordinating/dressing them the same. People also tend to buy them matching clothes as gifts- I might as well have twins. But I must admit, I LOVE it :)

I was curious and checked out the website (I don't have any children yet but love them ) Do parents really pay that much for their childrens' clothes???

I wouldn't be ashamed, you have to do it while you can, because one day they will say no to it.

Yeah, me too - so I'm really glad you posted this so I can mooch off everyone else's suggestions.

So far the best thing I've found (that I'm willing to pay for) is The Children's Place. I think this outfit is the same color as this dress (those are links in case the underline doesn't show up) but I'll have to go into a store to be sure.

Yep, I was going to say Janie and Jack too. Much like Hanna Anderson they have matching lines/fabrics/styles for boys and girls.

Sorry, I've no Idea, but when you do get it all sorted out, we need pictures. You have the cutest kids.

We're you looking for non-sarcastic answers. If so, I've got nothing.

I admit to being a person who loves dressing my three non-identical daughters similarily. Until they can buy their own clothes, I might continue to encourage it.

Good matching, but not matchy-matchy options: Gymboree. AND if your heart so desires, you can get a matching skirt under the Family Options section online (I do not ascribe to that much nuttiness - yet.) Very cute stuff, matching styles. Some of the boy stuff is a bit questionable, but cute stuff.

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