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Beth Hooks You Up Again

Internet! I just hooked you up like a week and a half ago, and here I am hooking you up again! I'm a giver!

Beth Fixes your Windows

Have a nursery in need of a window covering? Just like sleeping until noon? You need these.


Cordless! Well, actually I'm sure there are cords somewhere, but they are so far inside that even the most determined menace child would have a hard time accessing them for purposes of strangulation. And they are black out shades. Check it!


You dig the light blockage, yes? They are Bali Cordless Diamond Cell Midnight Shades in Bright White, and I know that because I just ordered two more so that all of my upstairs windows are now outfitted with these bad boys. Not cheap, surely, for my standard-sized windows they are running about $115 a pop, but so worth the money.

Beth Fixes Your Other Windows

Need something that isn't a blackout shade but that also isn't a hideous dust and baby neck attracting mini blind? How's about these?



Roman shades. From Target, of course. Only available in standard sizes, which is sucky, but if you happen to have those standard-sized windows they are reasonably cheap and good quality. Ours have held up to a year of daily use, much of which comes in the form of a three year old popping the clamp and slamming them closed.

Beth Gives You a Gratuitous Picture of her Children

After all this, we were outside for about ten minutes before Mia lost her shit and demanded a return to the house.


You Give Back to Beth, Who has Given So Much to You

Now, you must tell me what to do with the windows in my dining room:


Ugh, so hideous, I know. Those were the curtains we had in the old house and they worked there and do not work at all in my red dining room. I need new curtains and some sort of non-mini-blind covering.

Also, the playroom:


Curtains aren't so bad in here, but I still need that elusive window covering.

Help me now.

Comments (15)

I'm coveting your new windows. Chris knows this. How dare you shove your new windows in my face!

I cannot believe how much Owen looks like Mia in that picture.

How about plantation shutters? No cords and then no need for curtains at all. Plus you live far enough north that not a lot of people have them so you look super trendy and cool. Everybody wins.

I think IKEA has a great selection of window coverings. All different sorts, both with mod patterns and stylish/classy/plain sort too. Also, shades and "panels".

Check out World Market over by Lowes. We just got some nice curtains, but they have colored shears too.

I am not sure what you should do with your windows but when you figure it out please let me know because I have the same dilemma!

I do have to say that I LOVE the black-out shades. We have them in all of our bedrooms and the playroom. Love Love Love Them! Especially when itís daylight savings time and it doesnít get dark around here until 10 and the kids need to go to bed by 8.

we have the black out cordless shades too! though in our living room and dining room, we have the cordless top down/bottom up kind, and light filtering, which is even more awesome- you get partial light/open window and still full privacy (we keep them down at the bottom and 1/3 open from the top)
check em out. custom order at lowes or home depot. SO worth it.
we dont do curtains, cept in bedrooms.

For the dining room, what about 1 panel for each window, tied back with a fancy rope and in a tapestry pattern that would work with your dining room chairs? Since I can't seem them in the picture, I can't recommend a color.

For the playroom...cordless blinds...curtains may get hid behind, pulled on, painted on, etc. Blinds are much safer and easier for that room.

Just my 2 cents.

Those blackout blinds are the best things ever. Mine aren't cordless, but I don't care, becasue I didn't have to pay for them! They were at my hosue when I moved in, and I will NEVER take them down. LOVE!

But, as you can see from the "they were at my house when I moved in" bit, I haven't decorated my own house either, so I am useless on the window advice.

2 words: plantation shutters

I've been contemplating some sort of black out device - baby won't keep the eye shade on her face. Thank you for the tip.

We have plantation shutters in our new house. But, I'm told they are very expensive. They came with the home, so I can't say how pricey they are.

I'm partial to simple curtains.

The plantation shutters would soooo work in the dining room. If you're not into the pricey plantation shutters, how about 2" faux wood blinds with a coordinating valance for each window.

For the playroom, I love the bright airy curtains you have!

I can't live without my blackouts. We had one in the Mini's room when we moved into this house that the previous owners had installed. It had a really mangled cord, so when we replaced it with a cordless, we purchased one for our room too. I really think it's one of the reasons I'm still sleeping so well in the third trimester.

Also, one of the other things that's great about the blackouts is that they keep your room warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Hooray energy efficiency!

I bought clearance table cloths at Target a couple of years ago ($7) each with those little red stickers! I hung them up as no-sew curtain panels with black metal rods and black ring clips (also from Target). Easy to open and close and everyone loves them. They are dark red with some orange/deep purple/white skinny lines in them sort of "guatemalan-looking" No one ever believes me when I tell them they are really table cloths. Keep your eye out for clearance table cloths. They work beautifully!

Honestly, for the dining room, I'd buy wooden blinds. I love how they look and they make a room classic and clean.

Playroom, I'd go for a valance and a simple roller shade.

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