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1545 entries (that I haven't deleted).

41.027 comments (that I haven't deleted).

Five years of this blog, as of today.

Aren't you glad you stopped by the share in the festivities? To celebrate, I am going to spend the week (or until I get bored) reposting some stuff from my first year or so that you likely missed, so that you can read it and be glad that you missed it all those years ago.

I'm also going to highlight some of the first people to comment here so that you can go visit them and love them as much as I do. Let's do that first, shall we? My first comment from someone other than my husband was from the illustrious Busy Mom way back on March 25, 2004. Next was Anne from Belgian Waffle on 5/1/2004. You should go say hello.

And now, for today's Blast from the Past, we are getting back to July 20, 2004.

Now with 20% more buttcrack!

At yoga last night, I spent the whole class behind Clearly Visible Buttcrack. Of course, this buttcrack did not belong to the cute boy with the nice hair and really good legs. Oh no. The buttcrack belonged to the big pasty grunty guy and was therefore not anything I wanted to see. It was very distracting. I really wanted to yoga my way over to him and whisper in his ear "Dude, namaste and all that, but could you please hike up the shorts?"

However, I did discover that yoga is far more rewarding when you put your mat behind the cutest boy in class `cause then you get to admire his legs for an hour while pretending you are looking in the mirror to check your alignment.

Also! I have developed an Excellent New Plan! I believe that you should always weigh yourself while wearing shoes, and then just subtract the weight of your shoes to arrive at your Actual Correct Weight. For example, my tennis shoes weigh four pounds apiece, so when I weigh myself I have to subtract 8 pounds. Your results may vary. Also I have discovered that the older I get, the heavier my shoes become. Very strange, that.

And finally I would like to report that I look Very Nice today. For most people, that would not be noteworthy, but my usual style is what I would call Presentable (in that my clothes are generally not stained or torn and frequently almost match) so this is an occasion. However, the skirt I'm wearing is really starting to bother me and I may have to take it off, in which case I will not only blow my shot at looking Very Nice, but will also crash all the way through Presentable straight to Fired and Possibly Arrested. But at least my pretty necklace will look good in my mug shots.

Nope, sorry, no idea what is going on today with me and the Random Capitalization.

Comments (25)

Haha good one. I'm not sure how long I've been reading your blog. Most of it, I think? Definitely pre-Mia and TTC but I don't know the start date.

I did miss this one but I have been reading forever. Happy 5 Years. I'm coming up on 5 years in May. Looking forward to more posts from the past.

Yay! I'm looking forward to seeing YOUR favourites. I'm a n00b here and I've really been wanting to dig back & read them all but my GAWD there are so many... This will help :-)

I don't exactly remember when I started reading, but it was definitely pre-Mia and even pre-pregnancy-with-Mia.

Happy Blog-iversary!

Happy Blogiversary! Looking forward to the flashbacks. (Come on now Firefox, Blogiversary is so a word. Yes it is!)

It's really neat that you've made it 5 years! I found you before you had Mia, and have been following ever since. My absolute favorite post is the one where you offer to do worrying for everyone else. Now that I'm pregnant, I knew I could go back to your archives to see how it worked for you and compare a little bit. Take care!

Congratulations! I found your blog just today and just love it!

Wow! Congrats!

oh my god...i want to BURY my old posts.

they were SOOOOOOOO bad.

oh my god...i want to BURY my old posts.

they were SOOOOOOOO bad.

ha. that's me trying to say that yours are GOOD. in case you didn't pick up on that. ;)

I think 5 years is long enough to wait before I say, "God, I love you", right?

GOD, I love you., ;)

Wow, I was your first? Wow!

Happy Blog Birthday!

Happy 5th. :)

Happy Blogiversary!! I vaguely remember the days of you blogging before kids or being pregnant, I can't believe it has been that long.

I have been reading for the last few years... I am going to enjoy this week and reading the stuff I haven't read yet! Congrats on five years.

This post makes me really miss yoga! ;)

Congrats on 5 years! I started reading right before you had Mia and I've been following ever since. :)

How come baby buttcracks are so darn cute, but grown man buttcracks are simply disgusting? I'm guessing it has something to do with hair, and the presence or absence thereof.

Happy 5! Namaste and all that!

Happy five years! Crazy, isn't it? Don't you look back at those pre-kiddo posts and shake your head at ALL THAT TIME to yourself? I sure do.

Happy Five Years! You know what's weird? I think I actually remember when you first put up that post.

Happy Blogoversary Sweetie!!!

Happy five years of blogging! =)

Happy five years!

Happy Five Years! When I found your blog approx. 3 years ago -- when I was on mat leave with my son -- I read through your entire archive during nursing sessions. I'm looking forward to a peek back there this week.

Belated happy blog birthday. I REMEMBER that post. This must be why my brain is full. I also discovered recently that I can remember the jingles from all the ads of 20 years ago. Sigh. Not that I am in any way comparing your amusing yoga post with this. You sound quite carefree, don't you? Not, almost all my clothes are clean today and no one has been sick on them yet but I look Very Nice. Nostalgic sigh.

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