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Five Year Extravaganza, Day 3

Sorry, no commenters list today, but if you missed this one I just can't keep it from you a moment longer.

From November 18, 2004:

In the beginning was the fly.


The fly was scary and The People were sore afraid.


The People were also getting ready to go grab a smoke but the fly, it would not be denied. And so The People stopped to ponder, thinking "What shalt we do?"

"Aha," The People realized "we dost haveth a dishtowel. Perhaps we can menace yonder fly with said dishtowel."


The People prepared to do battle with the fly. They began by looking right


and left,




and low


for the fly.

Finally, The People located the fly! There was rejoicing and girding of loins for battle! And then there was running away as The People were still sore afraid.


But The People eventually became braver and returned to face the demon fly. They threatened!


They swiped!


They swatted!


The battle was long and bloody. The People despaired. The People hung their heads, and in fact their entire upper bodies in shame and despondency.


But finally, The People realized that they were being hampered by their leather jackets. The People removed their leather jackets and were then able to outwit the fly by cleverly climbing onto the countertops to gain greater reach with their dishtowel. (The People did this with their shoes on, which greatly angered The People's wife.) The People vanquished the fly! The People won their glorious reward! There was rejoicing and revelry!


The People went forth and multiplied. No, wait, that isn't quite right. The People went forth and smoked their cigarette in the knowledge and love of their mad fly-whopping skillz.

Comments (14)

hold up.

he smokes?

Is that the cactus smokin? I'am cracking up!

He could have smoked two cigarettes in the time it took him to look like a complete pussy.

And The People's Wife is/are hilarious.

OMG, I totally remember reading this the first time.

and then multiplied a year or two later :)

This was one of the first posts I read from you. LOVED it. LOVE it still. He quit right? Loving this week in review :)

Chris is gonna get in trouble for a habit he quit haha ;)
You're so funny.

Wow, Chris used to wear BIG clothes!


I like that he was hampered by the leather jacket, but not by the cigarette, oh no!

Ha. See? You were a blogging genius from the first.

Hey, I remember you posting about The People! Hilarious.

Hilarious! And Chris looks about 22 there!

That is awesome! I'm so glad you are reposting the gems of years past! I only started reading the day Owen was born and boy have I missed a lot.

I think I missed this one the first time around (I certainly don't remember it). THANK YOU for posting it again. You have made my day.

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