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Geeking out on the children

Owen took several steps yesterday - most of them with me scooting along in front of him wearing Mia's sunglasses, which he desperately wanted to grab off my face. But as I was getting him ready for bed, he stood up, let go of whatever object he was clinging too, and took two entirely intentional steps, with that disbelieving/ecstatic look on his face that is the exclusive purview of the just-learning walker. I love that look.

Mia spent a few minutes before dinner making pictures for all of us, so that we would "know she loves us." When I looked at the one in front of my place at dinner, I saw that she had written "MOM" on my picture. Just that, just mom.


Damn, I love these kids.

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Well, congratulations on a very productive day! :D

Wow! Very cool. That's definitely a piece of art to keep forever!

That's awesome. Hoo-ray!!

That's awesome. Hoo-ray!!

Yay Owen! And darling picture from Mia... :-)

Something I'm guessing you'll keep forever. I can't believe he's almost walking already!

I wish I would have thought to take a photo of my girls' first notes like that. You = SMART.

Also, are you ever tempted to push that almost walking baby down? No? Just me then...

Very cool milestones!

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