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Of many more to come

Mia and Owen just had their first argument.

Mia: No!
Owen: Yah.
Mia: No!
Owen: Yah.
Mia: No!
Owen: Yah.
Mia: No!
Owen: Yah.
Mia: No!
Owen: Yah.

I'm so proud.

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Does Owen try to win arguments by tackling Mia? Our second boy is a chunker, and he's not above throwing his bulk around to end fights. But maybe that's just my personal hell.

I love it! Thomas and Beth's arguments are still one-sided with Thomas yelling at Beth and her ignoring him, or crying. Not that I look forward to the arguing, but to Beth being able to stand up for herself - thanks for the chuckle!

Mine are fighting already too! They're 16 months and 4, I thought I had a little longer. Although Anthony doesn't really talk much yet, he can clobber his sister pretty well. And he's almost as big as she is so they are pretty evenly matched!

This happens in your house too? Wait until the Yah is interspersed with "AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and "MOOOOOMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Loads of fun, lemme tell you...

This made me giggle! I think the fighting is how my girls show their affection for one another... that's what I tell myself anyway! ;)

Oh, this sounds VERY familiar. My two youngest are 18 months apart, and the bickering is like an olympic sport at which they have been awarded a shared gold medal! My (almost) 1.5 year old will simply walk up and pop my (almost) 3 year old in the head. And she, in turn, will sneakily snatch toys from him and put on the little-old-innocent-me face... ugh, don't even get me started on the issues between the 8 year old and the aforementioned almost 3 year old. Oh yeah, it's like a fricking circus around here!

HAAAHAAA! I think mine had an argument like that this morning.

You definitely need a third. Y'know, just to make things interesting :-|

It's the same thing, but then you get "Moooommmm. #1 & #2 are fighting again"

Well, they both stuck to their guns so that's good! :-)

Isn't this what most arguments boil down to? Kids keep it simple... Just wait until the wrestling begins--I don't think the boy/girl combo gets you a pass on this one!

Someday you will look back and long for this fight.

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