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Owen, Month Thirteen

Sweet Owen,

You are thirteen months old today, and yesterday you learned how to sign banana and how to say no. They are both pretty adorable. Your sign for banana is to bang your hands together and hoot until I cram a banana into your mouth. Your version of no is "na" with a coy little grin and vigorous shaking of the head. No is definitely your favorite word and you dedicate hours of your day getting Mama to tell you no so that you can practice your giggling defiance and keep right on doing whatever it is that you know I want you to stop. We'll need to work on this, I suppose, so that you don't giggle and steal my keys when you are 16 and I tell you that you may not borrow the car, but for now I love seeing that you are edging away from being my malleable baby and toward being my mischievous little boy.

You've been giving the walking thing a try this month, mostly a step here and a step there. Then on Saturday we went to a playdate with ten children and you were desperate to join in the boisterous round football/soccer/hide and seek/duck duck goose that went on for a couple of hours. As soon as we got home, you blew your three step record out of the water with seven consecutive steps. That record still stands, but you are trying hard and practicing often and I know you will be running around after the football before we know it.

You were sick this month and wouldn't eat much and it took you a week and a half to recover fully. Once you did, I was awed by how much you eat. It took a week of not eating for me to realize the amount of food you can pack away. I am already making thrice weekly trips to the grocery store and I cringe to imagine your teenage years. You don't like sweet potatoes or strawberries, but are willing to give everything else the benefit of the doubt. You've even come around on cake and enjoyed your first shot at ice cream, but not your second. Bananas are ruling the roost these days, though, and you sometimes go through four a day. I've always suspected you were a little monkey.

You are starting to learn that if you take the book out of your mouth and give it to Mama, Mama will read you a story. It isn't usually worth the trouble, but you do let me read Doggies by Sandra Boynton, and it is a statement about my love for you that I have barked my way through that book in front of crowds of people and then started over and done it again.

We just gave up on your morning nap because it wasn't worth the battle to get you to take it. When you don't want to sleep, you stand up in your crib and throw your blankie over the side and then scream and scream (and scream). When I come to check with your damage is, you point to your blankie and give me a look of total betrayal, as in how could I possibly expect you to sleep without your dearly beloved blankie. I'm totally on to you, kid, not that it does a bit of good. You just flat do not like to sleep, but I am still hopeful that you will one day come to understand the error of your ways.

The first thing people notice about you is your hair. Still wild, still white, long enough now to get into your eyes but I can't bare to cut it. The next thing is your eyes, clear blue and shining. Once you rope people in, you flash your best flirty smile and turn total strangers into piles of goo. We sometimes go to the grocery store when Mia is in school and it takes us ages to get out because all the little old ladies who like to shop then want their chance to coo at you and win that smile.

I admit that is a frequent goal of mine, too.


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Can't wait to see you and your big sister this weekend.

Thirteen months already, wow. I don't even know you, Owen, or your parents for that matter, but I feel that I have watched you grow up. It seems like just last week that you were born. I'm sure it seems like that to your parents aswell. Slow down!

what's the deal with not cutting his hair?

Very nice. And may I say you are a better mother than I? We own almost all the Boynton books EXCEPT that one. I hate it with the fire of a thousand burning suns. You'll never ever catch me reading that thing a second time; after the first reading it went straight back to the library. Hate. But the others I love.

Yay Owen - walking! Keep up the good work!

Adrienne- cut his hair!?! Cut his hair?

I've have yelled at complete strangers who even hint at me cutting my sons hair. So I COMPLETELY understand not cutting his hair. I love that Owen's hair is so light too! hope it stays that way. I just came across your Xmas card that I had in a drawer with all my other Xmas cards... You sure do have some beautiful kids!

Getting that boy to smile would be my goal too. It's a good thing I don't live near your local grocery.

Your husband has stated more than once, that you are the best mother. And you know Beth. I think you really are!

We have that book and I always feel like such a fool for sitting there barking up a storm.

Don't cut his hair till you are ready! When my son was 10 moths old he came back from his dad's house with a shaved head. I was furious that he had cut all of his beautiful hair, it has never been the same.

Oh, and I never got around to telling you that we did receive the Christmas card. My son had on the same sweater (that Owen is wearing in the picture) the day it arrived. Precious picture!

I love Doggies. We read it so many times with my older son that we had to buy a second copy. The first time I turned the page and he said the "ooOOooooo" was awesome.

Oh, that was lovely.

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