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So much for equality

I have recently discovered one way in which it is better to have a baby girl than a baby boy.

Baby girls are far less likely to pee on the walls.

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Oy! Down with boys :P

Wait until you are potty training Owen, you will be AMAZED at the places pee can reach.

Ah yes. Good times... I learned early that it was in my best interest to keep a diaper on my boy at ALL TIMES. :) I am sure my "no stray pee" policy will go right out the window at potty training, as already mentioned.

I don't mind the walls so much; I'm getting tired of washing the ceiling.

Or in your hair.

AH! Now I know what's missing here!

What I have discovered is that girls are more likely to throw tantrums! Roo has had more tantrums in the last week, than Monkey has in his entire life!

Just wait until he potty trains.

Don't get me started on the state of my poor shower curtain.

Yes, but they're also more likely to pee in their own face during the early days, which makes up for the wall peeing, because well, that shit is funny.

. . .or down the vents.

I guess the bright side is that at least he didn't spray your face. ;-)

Better the wall then you.

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