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Thanks, kid

Mia: Mommy! Look how far I can jump!
Me: That's great, Bean.
Mia: I can jump all the way past your bottom!
Me: That's super.
Mia: Oh no, your bottom is too big. I can't jump past it even with a super big jump.

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Isn't she lovely?!

my kid told me I was old yesterday. And my boobs looked like two fat bellies.

let's go on vacation and leave these kids with the men. we won't say anything about the size of each other's butts or boobbellies.

Thanks for the laugh!

Thanks for the laugh!

Hmmmmm. I think it may be time for you to teach her the finer points of tact. Or perhaps you're just not beating her enough.

Either way.

I was making my little Wii Mii, and I started it kind of plump, and my daughter said, "You're not that fat." I moved it a little down and she said, "You're not that thin." Glow to glower in about 3 seconds.

I went clothes shopping with my little one and while I was in the fitting room trying on clothes she asked if I could please put my clothes back on because she was tired of looking at me in my underwear and then gave me the gagging motion with her face... Nice! Oh and let me not forget just last week we were talking about my teenage years (at four her goal in life is to be a teenager) she asked me if I was flat like daddy when I was a teenager as she rubbed her tummy... I knew exactly what she meant it was her roundabout way of asking if I was skinny. You've got to love kids they are great for your self-esteem! At least on occasion she tells me Iím the best mommy and Iíll take that any day over being skinny. ;)

Nice. But I see your super big jump and raise you a (photoshopped) playdate photo.

My "precious" told me that he was going to "climb on Auntie Jen" when she came over to visit, but then later told me "but then Dean saw her butt and Dean ran the other way!".

We won't be sharing that with Auntie Jen anytime soon.

Aren't children grand? Had something similar happen with my then 5 year old at the very crowded GROCERY STORE.

We were strolling down the aisle and I stopped and Faith did not and ran straight into my backside. We both laughed then she said, "Wow, Mom! I just ran into your big 'ole butt! Good thing I didn't get hurt!"

What can ya do? Nothing but laugh...

Yes. I got something similar to that when I sat on the swingset last night with baby brother.

"Mama! Your butt's TOO BIG to sit on my swings!"

ASS a matter of fact, kid, it's NOT.

Kids are cruel.

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