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This One is Mostly for my Mom

But it's only a minute long, so you can watch it too if you want.

Untitled from PlaygroupDropout on Vimeo.

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Adorable how Owen cheers her on! And Mia has GORGEOUS hair. That's commercial-calibre hair. :)

ADORABLE. I love Owen at the end :)

You have the most adorable children!

That's just too cute for words! You guys make beautiful children indeed :)

Oh that is just too cute!!!!!!!!! That was one of the best videos...evah!

Love it!

I give it 6 thumbs up. (2 are mine and although they are not opposable, my dog does have 4 and he watched it with me and promptly rolled over with all fours in the air). That counts, right?

Great Beth, my ovaries just clear popped out. Thanks a lot.

Owen clapping? MADE MY DAY.

Haha love how he comes up to the camera at the end! You have such lovely children :)

I love the snuggles in the beginning! My heart melted.

Very Sweet! I love to see my kids lovin' on each other... I don't think there is anything better.

Holy Cow Mia's hair is soooo long and pretty!

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