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Helpful Tip

When you start hearing strange noises coming from the direction of the out-of-sight toddler and you think he is probably in the totally toddler-proof playroom, you would do well to check it out anyway. Otherwise you may discover that your older child has left the bathroom door open and your cell phone has just gone for a swim in the toilet.

Hey, I've been wanting an iPhone anyway.

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your life will never be the same. (the iphone, not the toddler playing in the toilet.) (and told you he wasn't a baby.)

Ooooh, yes. iPhones rule. Good job, Owen. Mommy will thank you later.

There's no such thing as "toddler" or "child proof" ;-) It is possible to have things toddler/child "resistant". And that just means you have bought enough time to pee before they get the cap off (the whatever: paint, pills, explosives). But pee fast, because the quieter they are the more cranial resources they are applying to solve the puzzle and make your day more, um, interesting.

Or so I've heard.

Here's hoping you get that iPhone!

We had some stuff animals "decide" they needed a the toilet. And afterward, they decided to go hang around on my daughter's carpeted floor until they dried off...or until Mom and Dad discovered what had occurred.

I think I'm going to start tying bells on my kids - when I hear silence, that's when I really start to wonder what they're up to.

My grandma tied a a little cowbell around my mom when she was a wee one. Mom has had a complex about cowbells ever since.

My grandma tied a minicowbell around my mom when she was a wee one. My mom has had a complex ever since

My grandma tied a minicowbell around my mom when she was a wee one. My mom has had a complex ever since

My grandma tied a minicowbell around my mom when she was a wee one. My mom has had a complex ever since

My grandma tied a minicowbell around my mom when she was a wee one. My mom has had a complex ever since

Mine threw mine in the bath RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

It was all our toilet paper, not my phone. Sigh.

also- when your sweet baby takes a nap on your chest and you decide to enjoy the moment instead of checking out your too-quiet 2 and 3 year old, be advised that there is a strong possibility the too-quiet ones are painting themselves, and the 3 year old's lovely white furniture, with your makeup.

side note: mineral makeup is IMPOSSIBLE to get off of a white bureau.

Maybe I can send him mine to give a good flush too...I really want a new phone! Hehehe

A blowdryer saved my cell phone *twice*. It takes about 5 minutes with the blowdryer and two days on the counter to toally dry out once you remove all the parts and batteries. Unless, of course, the toilet was flushed.

I just happened to take a swig of water before reading your post and now my monitor and keyboard have a lovely spray of droplets all over them and I'm still giggling.

Oh ouch. Mine once let my nikon digital camera "swim" in the toilet.

That is exactly how I ended up cleaning out my bathroom cabinets when I got home from work Monday night!

I agree the iPhone will completely change your life! I am using mine right now to read you, it is amazing!

Sounds like the start of a fun weekend.

Funny. I learned a very similar lesson via toilet myself recently.

Remote control.

Toilet--that wasn't flushed ("guest" toilet--and I have no idea who the last guest was who used it).

Um, ew.

In our house, the word "childproof" can't be used in the same sentence as "toddler". Our youngest is psychotically smart and has literally defeated every childproofing device we've bought.

I've had to fish some of the strangest things out of the toilet, the worst of which was this lego Tigger(tm). The reason it was the worst is that it hung up in the trap and every time someone peed it flushed just fine, but anything more solid got trapped and backed the toilet up.

I have never, in my life, been more perplexed by a toilet.

I have also never in my life believed I would say anything quite so ridiculous as having been "perplexed by a toilet".

Mine once put ALL the jewelry I wore on a regular basis in the toilet-my wedding rings, college ring, favorite bracelet and watch! It was only because I heard her jiggling the handle and laughing that I knew I better go check on her. Praise the Lord nothing was flushed and I was able to retrieve all of it! This is the same daughter who colored most of her room with a red crayon, covered herself in baby powder and let her older sister help Mommy out by washing her hair. Of course she was fully clothed and they only used shampoo, no water. I guess I was too relaxed with my second child!

Last week a big "uh oh" and something got flushed down the toilet. So far it's only slowed things down and we haven't figured out what it was.

I love pre-verbal kids.

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