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Much Better than "Call Beth an Ignorant Slut Day"

It seems that yesterday was International Say Nice Things About Beth Day. And you missed it! But that is ok, I will give you a special dispensation and you may say nice things about me today instead and we will just pretend that you didn't totally blow the deadline. I know you've been busy lately. I forgive you.

Anyway, first I got three emails saying nice things about my blog, which happens occasionally and always makes me think that someone has gotten the wrong address. Then, Marshall (you do remember Marshall, right) wrote this post. (Although, I just re-read it, and it seems he is just calling me a bitch rather than saying nice things about me. He totally fails Say Nice Things About Beth Day.)

So it was nice, you know, except it would have been better if I had known in advance so I could have done my hair or something. Or at least put on a clean shirt.

Now, I am 31 comments shy of Chris's mark of 89 comments on my giveaway post from yesterday. I really want to beat him, and I don't quite know why. Possibly it has something to do with him leaving me to be a single parent for two weeks. Which sure, he's working his ass off and I appreciate the whole single-handedly supporting this family thing, but possibly I am still feeling a little spiteful about never seeing him at all and having to manage children who are all pissed off at the absence of their father.

So I want to win. And as an incentive, I've decided that if I do win this (totally in my own head) contest, I will, in exchange, tell you the nickname I called Chris for many, many years at the beginning of our relationship. This is a double-whammy of embarrassment, because 1) he actually allowed me to call him this name, and 2) I was not 12. It may have been somewhat appropriate at 12. But probably not.

(Comments are still moderated. It will be ok, we can get through this together.)

Comments (15)

Here's hoping we beat the record! OK I totally blew the Say Nice Things About Beth deadline, so here goes. I love you, and your blog. Your children are so damn adorable, and they have the best mother in the world (except for me of course, but we can be tied). You crack me up on a daily basis, which obviously is a good thing. Except when people walk by my office and wonder why I'm laughing my head off at the "work" I'm doing. Heh.

My first post wouldn't post because your stupid site thought I was spam EVEN THOUGH I TYPED MIABEAN!

Oops, not a good way to start what was supposed to be a complementary comment.

Did I mention that even though I just started reading your blog, I love you? Yeah.

I'm too worn out and lazy to retype my comment. Suffice it to say, I do plan on entering that contest because I LOVE BOOKS but haven't gotten the time to do the research yet. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.

I was much funnier in my first comment attempt. Yell at your site filter, not me.


It's been that sort of day.

While I'd love to enter again, I'm afraid that might defeat the spirit of the thing ;)
So I shall just wish you luck with beating Chris, and tell you you're pretty for good measure.
(And because you really, really are. Lovely, and smart, and brave, and a good mother.)

Your ass looks totally hot in those pants.

Please let me lavish the praise!
I really enjoy your blog, Marshall states the coolness much better than I, but he is an author.
I hope you cream him with comments!

Oh! I was just sitting here working on my article about reading earnings reports, and my attention wandered (can't imagine why) and I realized that I neglected to say something nice about you when I left my comment. I wouldn't want to miss Say Nice Things About Beth Day II after you gave us the special dispensation and all.

You and your blog and your family are fabulous, and it is no wonder that Marshall found you irresistible.

Now back to diluted earnings per share.

And this post is one of the many reasons I LOVE reading you! Thanks for making me laugh.

So---I'm commenting just because I feel sorry for you !!!! Only 5 comments!!!!

By the way, I ordered the book as you suggested. It sure better be good----but I'll come back and lurk every day anyway

OMG, where do I comment? On this post or the other one?

Just to be safe, I am commenting on both. Was it Mister Poodleman? Your nickname for Chris? Because if it was, I totally won't judge since this is what I call Mister. Although he is two years old and can't really do anything about it. Oh dear, is that considered abuse? I seem to be heading towards a bad place, so I'll just go and leave a comment on the other post for safekeeping.

And tell Chris' boss to lay off with the nutty hours already. Or tell Chris to tell Chris' boss.

I'm confused. Am I supposed to comment on THIS post? Or the contest post? And if I already commented on the contest post, is it too late? Are you competing for unique comments or total number of comments no matter how many times one lame reader commented?

Anyhow, thought I should mention--I renewed my Costco membership the other day and "upgraded" to the Executive membership. I have a fancy black Costco card now. And then they wanted to put my picture on it. I actually said to the poor clerk, "If I'd have known that, I would have showered within the past 3 days." And then I thought of you.

Is that complimentary or insulting?! I haven't been able to decide.

I am so ready to hear the nickname!
And to celebrate the holiday:
Beth is smoking hot with a gorgeous family! And fantastic skin.

Does it count if I comment 89 times? I love hearing goofy couple names. There's a funny story in my family where my aunt called her husband at work and asked for Pookie...30 years later, everyone still calls him Pookie!

Beth spells her name nicely...

Beth can walk and chew gum...

Beth has beautiful kids... whats hubby's nick name...?

Beth spells her name nicely...

Beth can walk and chew gum...

Beth has beautiful kids... whats hubby's nick name...?

Beth spells her name nicely...

Beth can walk and chew gum...

Beth has beautiful kids... whats hubby's nick name...?

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