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Mia Wanted to Surprise Daddy

Hey, remember when I was all braggy brag brag about how I am now a person who can just whip up Spontaneous Muffins with ingredients I have in my kitchen? It seems that my talent does not apply to Spontaneous Sponge Cake.


It also seems that all-purpose flour and self-rising flour are not interchangeable.

(I made it with expired eggs too, as long as I'm confessing my kitchen failures.)

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LOL! Well, at least it's worth a laugh, right? =)

Well, now you just take a can of frosting and make it look like there's a cake under there! I think if Mia handed him a beer with a bow on it he'd be quite happy!

That right there? Is a surprise pancake. And better than anything I'd probably manage in the kitchen. If it were me, I'd slap some syrup on it and call it a day.

Hehehe! It's the thought that counts! Just do what I do and tell them they eat at their own risk!

Eggs expire?

Okay I knew that I think, but they never last more than a week around here anyway.

some strawberries and whipped cream - no one will ever know what the sponge cake looked like before. Well, except the whole internet!

As long as it doesn't draw blood when thrown at you, it's all good.
The scone-making gene skipped my mum... always turned out hard as a rock!

Just spread some jam on it, roll it ip, frost it and you have a jelly roll! Looks perfect to me.

But the real question did it taste?

I've always been a baker. Once, when I was about 10, I was trying to make a cake from scratch with no recipe. Just experimenting, you know.

What I ended up with was kind of spongy (almost like lemon bar consistency) and looked like hell, but it tasted AMAZING. I've wished for years that I had been writing it down as I went.

Now, when I start playing test cook with myself, I always write it down. It goes into one of two piles...The NEVER AGAIN and the MMMM-YUMMY piles.

Heh. I love it for the name alone, but yes, the important thing is how it TASTED.

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