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My Very Own Milestone

I went to the doctor today (minor issue, it's (almost certainly) nothing, thanks for asking), and got the "As you get older, it gets harder for your body to..." speech. I'm 34! Granted, it has been quite a while since my doctor's official pronouncement on the state of my health was "You're 25 and hard to kill," but I didn't realize that I had plunged headlong into "As you get older" territory.

I have to admit, it kind of sucks.

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I got the "at your age" speech last January. I was horrified.

I got the same speech at age 34. It was in large part due to various risks going up at age 35 so I ought to be ready! Thanks so much, doc.

The next one is: "A woman of your age..." Man I hate that!

They trotted out that speeth to me last year when I was pregnant with #2. I too was 34 and appalled. Have these physicians not read about those Hollywood types having babies at 45??? WTF?! It made me feel very old suddenly.

I got the "as you get older..." speech two weeks ago. I'm twenty eight, no children. Um, WHA?

That does suck. You don't mention if your doctor is a man or a woman -- maybe you should check with hotty pediatrician and see if he has some hot OB/GYN friends you could see instead?

Let me guess, you finally figured out that you need a lobotomy??Get one, it just might make you normal...

That is awesome. It's kinda like how as soon as they stop asking for your ID for alcohol, you start wanting them to. Stupid aging.

My mom works at a woman's clinic and all of the charts for pregnant women over 30, I think, are stamped with HIGH RISK. It baffled her, and then of course she thought of ME and I didn't have the heart to tell her she needs to look for grandchildren somewhere else.

I delivered my daughter when I was 35 years old (I'm now 36) -- in my chart was the notation "geriatric pregnancy". Good grief!

I've also had the "as you get older" talk..welcome to the club!

I got that speech last year when my thyroid chaos caused me to gain 11 pounds in a matter of months for no apparent reason. "As you get older, your body just doesn't burn off fat like it used to."

Yeah thanks.

Luckily, it was my thyroid so I don't have to feel like I'm totally in "old geezer" territory.

I don't know why, but "You're 25 and hard to kill" is making me laugh. And laugh. It sounds like it should be in a movie trailer or something.

I recently told my optometrist that I was very concerned about my night vision, to the point that I avoid driving in the dark because it just doesn't seem safe. Some have told me that astigmatism causes this problem, and it has just been getting worse and worse over the past few years. I will be 30 next month.

Her response: "Uh, yeah, that happens when your eyes get older."

At 29?!

But it seems from the comments many have had this experience. I deduce that one of two things is true:
1) Doctors are morons and have zero sensitivity
2) We are all morons, and 30 really IS old. And we better start eating a bowl of All-Bran and two prunes every morning.

I just turned 35 in December...if we have another child (we are thinking one more would be nice), I am not looking forward to seeing AMA (Advanced Maternal Age) on my freakin' chart...ugh! Not sure if this helps/matters but... based on pictures I have seen on your blog or your husband's blog, I thought you were younger than me!!

I was reading through your comments and just saw that Sally stopped back by to try and pawn off some of her issues again! At least you don't have her problem... I would much rather have the “as you get older” issues. :) I am the same age as you and I don't want to fathom that we are at that point in our lives but I have a lovely four year old who tells me all the time I am old. She's a peach!

I just turned 34. On the night of my birthday, my children decided to throw me a surprise party.

I was in the kitchen making soup and I guess they realized I'd be occupied for a while.

Morgan had a friend spending the night and between the 4 of them, they blew up about 70 balloons (I'm not even exaggerating, I have pictures), made me a card and created signs all over the house that said "Happy 23rd Birthday, Mommy!"...

You know what made me shudder? The fact that I didn't realize I was old enough for my KIDS to start lying about my age to me.

LOL, love that "you're 25 and hard to kill." I thought I would be in that category until at least ... 40? But the dr. comments begin going sharply downhill at 35. I think your doctor is a little ahead of schedule. :)

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