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Not quite what I meant to say

Mia had a running wipe-out this morning and was complaining of hurt toes. I was trying to make sure nothing was broken and asked her to "make a fist with her toes." She strenuously declined to do so. A few minutes later, when she had calmed down a bit she decided to give it a try. We had this conversation:

Mia: Look, Mommy! I made a fist with my toes!
Me: Wow, Bean, great fisting!


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You know that the next step is her repetition of this response to whomever you'd LEAST like to hear it--a grandparent, teacher, pastor, or that classmate's mother who always did look down on you and suspect you were a sleazy piece of white trash.

Oh yes. I love this. Very much I love this. It should go in her baby book.



Today was Show and Tell for my 6-year-old son. He needed to bring in something that started with "U". He has a book on the planets, and so he said, "How about Uranus?" To which I replied, "Oh, do you want to take your planet book and show them Uranus?" Big pause, and then all of us started cracking up. Good times.


And also, thanks for the visual.

That? Is fantastic!

OMG! hilarious.

Fantastic! Who do you think will be the first unsuspecting person she repeats it to?

Hahahahahaha! Dito what diane said!

The things you say and then realise later. Sometimes I'm glad Amy doesn't understand as much as she thinks she does.

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