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Quick, before the baby starts screaming

This one isn't from today, but I love it. They were waiting for Daddy.


And then, our very eggy Sunday.




Can you tell I'm wearing maternity tights? I mean, it isn't like I had to. Well, ok, I had to, but only because my only pair of non-maternity tights are eight years old and I got dressed and then was running around getting the children ready and the next thing I knew my tights were around my ankles. I totally made it work, you understand, but I decided the world at large wasn't quite ready for my innovative look, so maternity tights it was.

Also, do you like how I forced myself to buy the dress in pink instead of black and then just wore it with a black cardigan and black tights? I'm hopeless.

Also also, how in the heck do you take a family picture with two young children and get everybody looking in the same direction? Physically impossible, yes? Yes.

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What great pictures! I think the Owen one is my favorite -- he looks so joyful!

You certainly don't look like you need maternity tights. And I love the dress in pink, but clearly it needed to be set off with the black accessories.

That's a much better Easter picture of Owen than the last one. And in my experience, it IS impossible to get everyone looking one direction. At least without sticking out their tongues. Although my friend with 7 kids keeps sending me excellent family shots (I think she goes through a lot of Benedryl - maybe just for herself)

I'm particularly jealous of the weather that would allow you to have an outdoor hunt. And a spring photo without parkas. If we hadn't lost most of our snow today, I'd be starting to believe all the bad Canadian stereotypes, and looking into a dogsled.

My best efforts are when the kids aren't trying to look at the camera but are looking at something crazy behind the camera that cracks them up. Gorgeous photo from today, you guys look so happy.

You make a great family..loved the photos :)

Great pictures! And you look lovely :)

You know I end up taking like 65 photos of our family and if I am lucky we get one that is in focus with all four of us looking at the camera. Also, I love the first picture. Very cute.

Not to correct you on your own blog, but Owen, so not a baby.

So cute! I love that proud look little kids get when they "find" the eggs. Oh, and our Easter photo has one kid shielding the sun and the other one crying into Daddy's shoulder.

You and the Cactus and the kids all look splendid! It sounds like a great time was had by all!

Yes, impossible. Especially when her hero is standing off to the side, apparently.

Would never have guessed maternity tights.

Great pics, glad you have a nice easter. :)

The last one is hilarious -- Mia is certainly posing, but the camera's not over there! Owen with the basket is amazing. It's so huge and yet he's lugging it around and TOTALLY thrilled with himself. Adorable :]

The picture is so cute even if everyone isn't looking the same way! At least everyone looks happy and no one is picking anything. ;)

I always seem to wear black too and no matter how hard I try to wear another color I have it in my mind that I will look thinner in the black. I know that it is all in my mind but I don't care I need my illusions or delusions....Whatever!

The family picture is very cute nonetheless! Our best picture has one child crying and one child smiling at the camera. We figured that beats both children looking at the ground.

Aw what great pictures! I love how proud Owen looks with his basket! So cute! Also, you be a good lookin' fambly.

Since that family pic is obviously a pic of you and Chris, I can't help but wonder what Mia and Owen's pic turned out like, with Mommy and Daddy looking the other way! .

I was actually thinking what a fab pair of legs you have, and being jealous of your hair... and having the different directions thing makes a cuter/more real grouping I think... Mia's pose particularly is just SO sweeeeeet!

Well a pink cardigan and pink tights would have been too much...I'm just saying.

Gorgeous pictures! You are so pretty!
You're lucky the kids aren't making faces, which is what one or both of my kids would've been doing. And my husband too for that matter! :)
Love it, thanks for sharing!

A.) You look fabulous, dahling!

B.) When I do family shots with the tripod, I set the timer and set it to take a bunch of rapid fire shots...then I just pick the best. I did it quite by accident at Christmas and thought "OH! Now there's an idea!"

Especially with little squirmy ones, you might just get the Best Shot Ever(tm).

Waiting for daddy. I know you're the primary care giver, but to have them so look forward to their daddy, it's priceless.

You look absolutely HOT!!

I love that picture of the family! You look so happy together!

The family picture is cute none-the-less and I also have a 14 month old boy!! Your kiddos are adorable.

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