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Round on the sides and hi in the middle

This weekend, we drove 700 miles in 36 hours for this:


Two kids, one great-grandmother, totally worth it. Also, remind me to tell you about the Fairfield Inn in Zanesville, Ohio, which has magic baby sleep powers.

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Hmm, maybe I need to start vacationing in Ohio? My kids aren't horrible sleepers at home, but we get to a hotel and my kids get wacky and no one gets any sleep until a week after we're home again.

Looks totally worth it to me.

Ooh magic baby sleep powers! They should put that in their brochure ;)
Those kind of pictures are so worth it!

you guys came to ohio and forgot to say hi :(...hope you had a nice time at least we gave you somewhat decent weather

We are making a 700 mile trip with a three month old, a five year old, and a seven year old in a month so that the little one can meet her great-grandfather and the rest of the extended family who hasn't made it our way yet. I am praying that we get some of those magic sleeping powers on our trip!!!

What a great picture! So worth it! We go right through Zanesville (with several more hours to go...) on the way to visit my in-laws.

Oh, yeah, totally worth the trip! Wish I could bring my kids to see their great-grandma. Unfortunately, she's in Seattle and we're in Winnipeg. Big plans need to be made. Maybe this summer.
Glad you had a great trip. :)

My husband's entire family came from Zanesville. Just sayin'.

Magic baby sleep powers?


I grew up and spent most of my adult life just up the high way from Zanesville. I can't imagine driving 700 miles to get to Zanesville but Grandmas are always a good reason to a long drive! Enjoy.

You are so wonderful to do this very kind thing. I LOVE the picture too!

I can't believe it took me two days to get your title. It was really bugging me. I'm not from around these parts.

Looks like you had a great time! We were lucky that my grandma lived close AND got to see all three (of my) kids before she died. My oldest even remembers her enough that she might not forget her. But I'd still drive around the globe to see her again. Even WITH three kids in the car! ;-) Good for you for taking the opportunity.


Why didn't you tell me about the magic hotel four years ago?

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