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Storytime with Mia

Blame me (and Owen, on my lap for half of this) for the crappy camera work and Chris for the background noise. But Mia really wanted to read you a story.

Untitled from PlaygroupDropout on Vimeo.

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She's a writer!

What a storm! Loved it :)

It's so funny how often I watch Mia do things in your videos, and I see Kaelin. They're so much alike, at least it seems to me. Love it! can't even BEGIN to discuss the cuteness of Miabean...two...I love how she's pimping FO...Genius Beth Fish...Genius...

Omigosh she's so big!! That is so darn cute.

I saw this on his site first this morning. Being the genius I am, when I first saw the still shot of the video I thought "Hey! That looks a lot like Mia." Adorable! I can't believe how big she is now at three (and a half)! Wasn't she just a tiny baby a few months ago?

That is just the cutest video, Beth. Thanks for making me smile today!

That is too cute! And, of course I got sucked in to watching other cute videos once that one was over. I love the one where Mia is doing somersaults on the couch cushions and she's stopping to hug Owen, or kiss his hand. And him clapping for her!? ACK! Too cute!

Best story time EVER!

I like her stories much better than what I'm reading. Can she come read Aristotle to me? I think it would be much more interesting...and she's definitely the most adorable storyteller I've ever seen. :-)

i love this. she's too cute!

"What's gonna happen?!"

I loved it! I could tune in for story time everyday...I just love being read to!

Okay, next chapter, same time tomorrow? :)

You are lucky I just had to move into this shoe, or I'd be stealing that kid. Alas, I already have so many....

"Thunderbolt of Lightning,
Very, very Frightening.."

Seriously though, my head is exploding from the cuteness-factor. I agree with Mr Lady. I was, no AM (am) done with 3, but your postings give my ovaries a workout when they include photos. This video is off the charts.

I love that even at three and a half she can properly use adverbs "the hummingbird sung so sweetly". Many "professional" journalists have trouble with basic vocabulary usage. She is a true genius! You and Chris must be so proud. And she is incredibly adorable, so you two are surely going to have trouble in the future as Chris mentioned on his blog. Great job you two!

Precious! And yes, my geeky self noticed her proper adverb use too.

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