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We have Winners!

I didn't forget that I have two books to give away, and I also didn't forget that I have an embarrassing nickname to confess, but let's take things one at a time here.

On Saturday, I had this fabulous idea for how to pick the winners. I would just drive three hours across four states to the bookstore where Marshall was appearing on Sunday and have him pick the winners and video tape (hey, what do you call video taping when you are using a digital camera to do it) and post that and gee, what fun! Ok, so really I had been planning to go finally meet Marshall in person for two months, but figured I may as well kill two birds with one stone.

But on Saturday I was busy with the kids all day, so didn't get it set up. And then on Saturday night I had to get together clothes and diapers and food and toys and medicines and sunscreen and hats and shoes and everything else the kids might possibly need to spend nine hours with my in-laws, so I didn't set it up. And then on Sunday morning I got up at 6:00 with Owen after getting four entire non-consecutive hours of sleep and got him fed and cleaned up and dressed. And then Mia got up so I made her breakfast and got her cleaned up and brought her clothes downstairs. And then Chris got up and took a shower and had breakfast and then I finally headed off to get ready. And admittedly, it took me a while to get ready, what with showering and drying my hair and realizing that my lardass couldn't wear those pants, at least not with that underwear, so that by the time I made it back downstairs it was almost time to go. Except that Mia was still only wearing underwear. Because it seems that after I have done absolutely everything to get us ready for this trip, including stocking his car with some of his favorite snacks, and have let him sleep in, and have stayed up late the night before for reasons we needn't discuss here but which you may assume were to his benefit, it was still too much to ask for Chris to get one of the children dressed in the clothes that I had washed, folded, chosen, brought downstairs, and left in plain view. So I didn't have time to set it up on Sunday morning either.

(Obviously, I have nothing but feelings of pure love and respect for my husband, but I suppose I would be unable to stop any of you who might feel compelled to point out how selfish and rude he can be, on occasion. Free country and all that, you know.)

So we went to meet Marshall:


And then Mia got to pick the winners. Which used to really excite her, but now she's done it so many times that it is greeted with more ennui than enthusiasm. I'll have to figure out how to have Owen do the next one. Maybe whatever name he eats is the winner?

Untitled from PlaygroupDropout on Vimeo.

So congratulations to Emily (who gets the slightly-mangled copy) (and who also designed this site, isn't she awesome?) and Meredith (who gets the nice new copy signed by Marshall Karp). Congratulations, ladies! Please send me your addys so I can send your fabulous prizes.

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Of course he's selfish & rude. He's a dude after all! If you didn't want all the trappings of the general assholedness of men, you would have had to have become a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that).

But then you'd have to deal with all the "quirks" of the female persona that we are said to possess. So it's really six of one, half dozen of the other (not that there's anything wrong with that).

For my part, the decision was made clear by the certain attributes of men that the ladies certainly do *not* possess. I personally find those attributes -erm- most compelling, so I deal with the rest of the -uh- package.

HEY...You promised... tell US the nickname YOU called Chris for many, many years at the beginning of our relationship

I won??!! Really. How very cool. Now I must run right out and purchase the first two in the series. I was trying to get them from the library, but they only had the first and I had them put it on hold, but it wasn't there when I went to the library, but was returned mere moments after I walked out of the library and I haven't been able to get back (five kids and two part-time jobs, and working with the boy scouts at church) and now it's too late so I might as well order it from Amazon (where I have some reward bucks to spend anyway), who will very kindly bring it to my door and save me the hassle.

But I won!!!


Yeah c'mon Beth, spit out the nickname ;)
And men...ahh men. Sometimes I forget why I want one :P

Your man, my man, all the same. Sigh. Mine is currently 'sleeping in' after spending too long on his computer last night. Did I mention he's not working right now?

AND then, he goes and says things like 'it takes you SO LONG to get ready.' And I'm like, 'yes, because I am getting THREE people ready. You m'dear simply get yourself together. So get effed.'

Yeah. I might be a little frustrated this morning. And tired. Oh so very tired.

Ok, I thought about asking Chris this but I somehow doubt he would know. I love that top you're wearing, and you look great in it, and do you happen to know where you got it?

Also, my husband is generally very helpful, and he puts up with what I consider "cleaning" without complaint, but there are times he can be ridiculously unhelpful, and dare I say, obtuse. I'm convinced that's where our oldest caught it from. I'm hoping to get the other kids genetically tested early, so I can prepare myself. Probably with a case or three of wine.

Sometimes? I dress Lumpyhead on school days so Bump will have one less thing to do in the morning. Then Bump decides no child of his will EVER leave the house looking like that. Or he points out that even after if we follow my shrugged suggestion of "putting a hoodie on the child," Lumpyhead is still wearing shorts and a tee shirt on a fifty-degree day. So Bump ends up with one more thing to do in the morning: battle with the boy to get him out of Outfit #1.

It's often hard for Bump to see that my heart is in the right place, what with my head crammed so far up my ass.

You are getting very good at getting me to de-lurk I think your husband called.
Anyway very sneaky but what's the nick-name?

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