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Home, Boys, Bag Lady

Just an average afternoon around the Cactus-Fish house.



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Ah yes, looks like my house.

Looks like a pretty awesome day ;)

You totally forget your bags every time you go and buy another one, too, don't you? I KNEW I LIKED YOU.

Looks like a fun, relaxed family afternoon at home... much like my place. Thanks for sharing, Beth. :)

OMG, when did that toddler boy move into your house?

Nice pictures. Looks like you have an avid shopper in your house.

awww that is SO cute! I think Mia is a COPY of you.

Looks like a place I would like to be.

Oh my goodness, Owen looks SOOO big!! When did that happen? and Mia is well prepared for a very large shopping trip!!

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