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Owen, Month 15

Sweet Owen,

This month, you learned how to climb onto the kitchen chairs without a stool, which means you can also climb onto the kitchen table, or push a chair over to the counter and climb onto the counter, or even, on one memorable occasion, stand on the counter and make a valiant and nearly successful attempt to climb to the top of the fridge. You can climb onto the bathroom vanities and one day I found you standing on top of the play kitchen with a cell phone in each hand jabbering up a storm about who knows what. When playing outside, you like to climb over the picnic table again and again. You also like to grab one of the many stools we have around the house, which are meant to allow Mia to do things like wash her hands, and wander around the house clutching it to your belly and giggling about all the contraband it puts firmly within reach. We have renamed you Monkey Boy.

You weigh 25.1 pounds (50th percentile) and are 32.5 inches tall (90th percentile). You have around 30 spoken words that I can understand and of those 10 or so are mostly understandable to the general public. You love to bounce balls, vacuum, sweep, splash in puddles, play in the sink, brush your teeth and hair and everyone else's teeth and hair, smell flowers, ride the tricycle, take walks, do anything at all outside for as long as possible even if (or maybe especially if) it is pouring rain, and pet caterpillars.

You throw a mean tantrum, little man, and do so whenever thwarted. You are infuriated by my failure to understand every last one of your whims and desires, and my frequent reminders that you don't actually speak English and I am therefore at a disadvantage do not win any leniency. You are constantly amused by Mia's tantrums though, and sometimes I think you smack her or grab whatever she is holding just so she will scream at you and make you giggle.

We decided to wean you this month. Ok, so I decided, but you seem to not have noticed at all, so I think it was a mutual decision. We also started a little sleep training, which means that instead of Mommy rocking you to sleep and then crawling into your crib with you to make sure you were settled, you now get a story and a song and then are plopped into your crib and Mommy sits on the floor next to you and rubs your foot until you go to sleep. It's small progress, perhaps, but progress all the same. And you are sleeping so much better as a result. Most nights you wake up once around 1:00 or 2:00 and are easily soothed back to sleep until 5:00 when you get to come to bed with Mommy and sleep another hour or so. I am glad that we are both sleeping a little better, but I desperately hope that you do not give up that 5:00 waking for a long while because I love getting to cuddle with you in the mornings.

You realized this month that Mia gets to pick a treat, usually a piece of candy, if she has a good dinner. In the interest of fairness, you now demand a treat of your own whenever you see Mia getting one, and so many nights you are presented with a single M&M, which is the great prize or your life. You grab it and run off to the living room chortling where you admire it for a few moments before cramming it into your mouth. You spend so much time giggling and smiling that half the chocolate comes back out on a river of drool, but it still makes you happy.

Sweet Owen, I am really starting to see your personality come out now, you are coming into your own. You are a very sweet, loving, gentle little boy, and mischievous, brazen and fearless. I am so looking forward to these coming months, to learning more about you and seeing who you will turn out to be.


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M&M's? I want to have dinner with you guys.

Happy 15th, Mr Owen.

I often wonder if it's boys, or just second children that climb like that.

Because Madison was a climbing fool. Once, we were outside and was watering the plants, I turned around and he was on his way up the lattice work to the roof.

However, Max never climbed anything. Maybe it's the "Genetics of the Second Child".

Sounds like he's doing great, what a champ.

So seriously? I just got teary....thanks for sharing your family.

So sweet. So very sweet. Thanks for reminding me to focus on the lovely aspects of my kidlets rather than all the ways they drive me up the wall.

I love your letter to Owen. My son, who is the youngest, used to cuddle with me in the mornings, he was such an early riser. On days he slept in and I was already up and about, he would grab my hand taking me to the bedroom, saying "cuddle time".

Boy, I miss those days. He is now 9 and his sis will be 11 in a couple of weeks. I know it is a cliche, but time really does fly.

Maybe the climbing is a second child thing--mine not only managed to make it to the top of the refrigerator he also pushed the screen out and climbed out onto the roof (thankfully flat!) of the family room addition! He was having a wonderful time laughing at the neighbors who were trying to convince him to move away from the edge! It's very scary at times, but that same climber is now 23--and (knock on wood) he's never had a broken bone!

Can relate to the chocolate river of drool. This letter will be a beautiful read for Owen when he is older.

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