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I had this whole post written for today about this horrible woman I met when Mia was a baby who was incredibly cruel to me for no reason. She objected, I guess, to my decision not to let Mia cry herself to sleep while she bragged about how she had left her teething daughter (the same age as Mia) to scream in her crib for three hours, and she used that as a jumping-off point to ridicule and mock me. And seriously, this is a woman I met at the pool, barely even an acquaintance, she had no business saying a word to me about anything.

And I told how I recently ran into this woman and about the delicious sense of schadenfreude I experienced when I saw her current situation (which I described in some detail). And I admitted what a bad person I was to take such joy in someone else's misfortune, but hey, I thought, she hurt my feelings a couple of years ago, so I'm entitled.

Except that I'm not. I mean, I think I am entitled to giggle a bit gleefully to myself about a bit of perceived comeuppance, but I'm not entitled to crow about it to the rest of the world. Hey, look at me, I must be maturing or something.

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You're a better person than I am. I would have laughed in HER FACE. I couldn't stand anyone telling me how to parent, especially telling me to let my kids cry? abandon them? I don't think so. Maybe it's just a sensitive spot for me because I felt really strongly about not letting babies cry, but I would have been even meaner.. i hope this helps! hehe

Wow. I can totally relate. There's this person out there...and no matter what I say or do, they are always downright cruel to me. CRUEL. Terrible, vicious, rotten. As much as I want to scream, "I HOPE YOU GET HIT BY A BUS!" I can't. Because deep down, I just hope they end up happy. Like me :o)

Sometimes being nice is the pits.

Good for you.

In my world, taking the high road entitles you to an extra glass of wine or bowl of ice cream. Good deeds must be rewarded somehow, and the world isn't gonna do it.

Why is it anyone who isn't even your friend have any reason to object to your way of raising your child! How Rude!

Wait, WHAT!? Now you get to feel all decent and discreet and I'm left curious and bereft.


Spill, FISHLADY. Spill it.

I mean, if you went through all the trouble to type it and stuff, you might as well email it to me. Right?

I'm pretty sure we all have those less than stellar moments.

Congratulations on taking the high-road, BUT still shooting enough glances down the low-road to enjoy it and more importantly to know that there IS a high-road & a low-road.

You maybe can't tell, but that TOTALLY makes sense in my head. No really, I'm NOT drunk.

Aw, man! I mean, um, good for you! Being mature and stuff. I will just have to imagine the delicious, delicious schadenfraude.

Also? I will imagine learning how to spell-check. Eep.

OK, now, I don't agree with the whole cry it out thing, however, everyone has different parenting styles and I respect that. But THREE HOURS? WTF?

Watch out--next thing you know, you'll be FORGIVING people and stuff. It's all downhill from here.

Three hours just seems way extreme :-/ Poor kiddo.

You can't post a teaser like that!

Being mature is so boring though, isn't it? Ah well, less to regret later.

Please then email me that post because I'm SO NOT that mature, and I feel entitled to the story.


And then I'll tell you about the Mom I recently ran into at the park with her 4 year old and her two week old who was telling me all about how this one book had saved her sanity with the trying to manage her two kids and their relationship with eachother and if I wanted to pick up a copy she could write down the title. And all of this helpful title writing UNSOLICITED. I didn't even know her, nor had I been rolling my eyes about my children and their relationships (to me or to eachother). But apparently SHE was rolling her eyes over MY children and offering to solve all of our "problems" with the vast REAMS of wisdom she had collected over her TWO WEEKS of parenting multiple children.

Oh wait, I just basically told you. So now you owe me a story! I'll take Bitch Mommy and Her Comeuppance for $200, please.

Thank you for taking the high road. There is enough public backbiting and division in the world, that eliminating even just a little bit of it is a lot of progress. (But gloat to yourself, and have some ice cream, you deserve it!)

I think someone who hurt you that way deserves what they get. It's karma :) I cannot tell you how much shit I took for co-sleeping and breastfeeding my son for the first 4 YEARS of his life. He has just turned 5 and is only now starting to sleep alone. He is a confident, sweet, compassionate little boy. I personally believe that it is because I never left him to be in pain and scared and alone. I think you are awsome!

Karma: It is le bitch (as the French say).

Good for you!

But I still totally want to hear the story. Schadenfreude is awesome.

yeah, great for you taking the high road but what about the rest of us azzholes that now NEED the story. NEED I TELL YOU. NEED!

Maturing is no fun.

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