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Things I Need to Know

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the way the internet keeps me from ever having to think for myself? I need you people to tell me:

  • How much would you pay a Junior High-aged Mother's Helper to entertain one child at a time while you did an activity with the other child?

  • Do your dry kidney beans turn beige when you soak and cook them? Beige beans and rice just doesn't seem as appetizing as red beans and rice. Do you think some red food coloring would help?

  • Can you freeze homemade salsa? I mean obviously, of course you can, but will it still be edible later? Can you give me your recipe?

  • Does anybody want to know in great and tedious detail about my new Real Cooking (Mostly) from Scratch kick? It is sure to last two weeks tops, so saying yes isn't a major commitment.

  • How long do you think it will take me to chop down, bundle, and haul to the curb four trees from my backyard working at it 15 minutes a day?

  • Why is is that every time Owen has a cold and then spikes a fever and I take him to the pediatrician I get the "Oh, colds do that, and you can't have antibiotics" lecture? I mean for one thing, I never even asked for antibiotics, and for another, bite me. And then every time Owen has a cold and then spikes a fever and I decide to spare myself the lecture I end up at the urgent care at 9:00 at night with a baby with a 104 degree fever and double ear infections? Ok, so that has only happened the once (last night), but it pisses me off. Could we get some unique symptoms over here, please?

  • On a related note, did you happen to see a woman standing in the middle of Rite Aid last night with a very sick and very tired baby strapped to her chest pumping him full of Amoxicillin? Yeah, that was me.

And since I can't seem to post lately, three of my favorite moments from the past week.

  • Looking into the backseat on our way to Baltimore to see that the children were holding hands.

  • Taking Mia to the playground where she found a group of older girls swinging and singing some song about black socks. Mia, desperate to join in, got on the swing next to them and started singing "Skip to My Lou." Way to go kid. I am 100% in favor of always singing your own song.

  • I saw a man jogging today in sneakers, dress pants, and a button down shirt. I wanted to pull over and hug him.

Comments (25)

I have no experience and therefore no real advice for you, but I'd like to hear about the cooking from scratch.

I'd laugh at the idea of the tree removal, but I've already asked for something for nothing.

$5/hour. $10 if you're not there.

Eat red beans and rice. It's what God wants you to do.

The Magic 8 Ball says, "I wouldn't count on it."

Please. My 11 year old went vegetarian 2 months ago and if I make fish tacos for dinner one more time, there's going to be a mutiny.

Well, depends on what you're working at. The promise of fifteen minute things that starts with blow and ends in I won't say on your blog would probably get those trees hauled out of there in no time.

Because hotty pediatrician will make any excuse to talk to you? Yeah, that sounds nice.

Giggle, awww, amen and I wish you had.

- I did the Mother's Helper thing when I was in 5th and 6th grade. I got paid 2 dollars an hour. But...that was 22 years ago. Pardon me, I think I need to go cry now.

- I have tried so many times and when I try to soak dried beans, they never come out right. I still haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong.

- Not sure about the salsa. Our freezer is too small to freeze more than one ice cube at a time. Let me know if you find out!

- Yes, please. I've started doing the same thing. I could use some inspiration!

- Depends on how big the trees are and if you get blisters that first day. Heal time will extend the completion time.

- I try to avoid antibiotics and while a fever is a sign of the body fighting the infection, once it hits 101, I start doing alternating tylenol/motrin combos. Hit him up with the tylenol, 3 hours later, give the motrin. Continue dosing on the respective schedules (every 4 or 6 hours or whatever is on the bottle) and that way, there isn't a lapse where there is a lack of fever reducer.

- I completely missed the Beth & Owen sighting. Darn this living in Germany!

- I love it when I bust my kids being nice to each other. At their ages, it's kind of rare, but I'll take what I can get!

- That's awesome! Individuality rocks!

- Interesting. Wonder if he was jogging home from work. That would make it even cooler.

1. I'll go with Mr Lady's suggestion. 5 if you're there, 10 if you're not.

2. I have no idea about kidney beans. I typically soak my pinto beans and they only slightly fade.

3. I would think freezing home made salsa would be fine. Why not expiriment? Sorry, no recipe. I buy mine from a local restaurant by the gallon and freeze that. It freezes well.

4. As long as its not a major commitment, why not!

5. I have no idea how long it would take you and I have no interest in finding out. *Points to Chris* Make him do it!

6. Because they are assholes and yes, I could send you some new symptoms if you prefer vomiting over fever.

7. I must have missed that. Its pretty likely I was hauling a screaming rat stuck in a mouse trap in a garbage bag out to the trash can around that time. If I had neighbors, I'm sure they would have gotten a kick out of the sight of it!

8. Awwww... so sweet!

9. Way to go, Mia!

10. What a dork.

For a mother's helper, I'd factor in what the going rate for a babysitter is in your area and pay just a little less than that. So, if $10 an hour is the going rate, I'd pay $7 or $8.

I have frozen tomatoes in the past, but you can only use them in stuff like soups and chili afterwards because tomatoes are chock full of water - and freezing it will extract all of the water. Which means when you thaw it out, you'll have really mushy splotches of tomato that used to be chunks and lots of nasty liquid.

I would like to hear about the cooking from scratch, please.

Are you sure those were kidney beans?

I think about 5 to 7 dollars an hour, unless she is really extraordinary.

You can definately freeze salsa. If you want a true salsa recipe or recipes, I would be more than happy to help you. Just email me. These are from my grandmother and yes I am half Mexican, so they are good. :)

seriously? $5-10 an hour for helping you while you're there? I'd say $5 if it's an hour, just to make up for her having to show up, but after that, I'd drop it down to 2 or 3. Because I'm cheap.

I'm with the other gals, probably about $5.

I've never tried soaking beans, so don't have anything for you on that.

The only thing you might have a problem with is everything in the salsa getting pretty watery, but you could pour that off - try it and see how it goes!

I want to know, but I'd also like to know how you're managing it with the 2 anklebiters - my kids are the same age as yours and it's about all I can do to get dinner on the table at a decent hour - from cans, freezer, etc.!
Depends on the size of the trees. :-)

It's Murphy's Law. The same one that makes all the lights turn red when you're already running late.

I love it when the kids use the back seat to be friendly and cute - the hand-holding, raspberry-blowing, kiss-throwing adorableness!

Too awesome for Mia, I love it when kids don't mind marching to the beat of their own drums.

I hope you at least beeped your horn and waved, how cool is that guy?!

I don't have the recipe but a guy I work with makes the best salsa, he roasts the tomatoes, peppers, etc in the skillet before he does the chopping, it is very good.

I really dont think you could go wrong with combining onions, tomatoes, cilantro, fresh peppers, garlic, maybe a squeeze of lime.

Once you get your salsa down, my favorite thing to do is blend it with some avacado. Yum! Chips and salsa is a meal, at least I think so!

Oh and $5 a hour is fine.

Mr. Lady has me giggling, and I can't argue with any of his suggestions.

I would LOVE to hear about the scratch cooking kick. Even if it doesn't last long, since that would make me feel like less of a failure at it myself.

Poor Owen. Poor you. I hate the antibiotic speech! Peds must get lots of parents who argue about it, but I don't know any parents who do. I hope Owen's better soon and that everyone else stays healthy.

Don't you just want to eat them up when they're sweet to each other? When I see my 7 & 10 year olds hold hands (usually when big brother is trying to "comfort" his sister), it's like the Earth stops spinning for a few seconds.

I am very little help on any of your questions as I almost never cook and my hubby does all the tree removal. I'm assuming proficiency with a chainsaw here, but I would think that working in 15 minute increments, you could get two trees on the ground each 15 minutes, so two 15 minute segments for falling the trees. Then, cutting them up - depending on how tall they are, you could get one or maybe two cut up in a 15 minute segment, so two or three 15 minute segments for cutting up. As for hauling to the curb, I'm sincerely hoping that you have a wheelbarrow or little red wagon that you can press into service here. If so, I think you could load and transport two trees to the curb in 15 minutes, so two 15 minute segments for curbing. Total - 7 15 minute segments.

I would LOVE to hear about the cooking from scratch kick. Given that my kids think french fries qualify as a vegetable, we clearly need some more veggies in our lives.

GAH on fevers and ear infections! The telltale sign of an ear infection for me is that the baby doesn't like to lay down. If Owen is sleepy, you lay him down in bed, and THEN he starts crying, I would suspect ear infection.

LOVE Mia's individuality and the holding hands! It just thrills my heart when my kids do something sweet for one another.

Black socks, they never get dirty.
The longer you wear them, the blacker they get.
Sometimes I think I should wash them,
But something inside me says don't wash them yet.
Don't waaash them yet.

I had completely forgotten about that song from my Girl Scouts days until you wrote about the song above.

Hope Owen is better soon.

1. Five or ten bucks, depending on how good s/he is.

2. My beans are red when they come out of the can. If I soak them, it's totally by accident.

3. Salsa doesn't always come from a jar?

4. Yes, please, because cooking (at all) is some sort of magical adventure I cannot manage. Maybe I can learn something from you and impress my husband.

5. Much longer than it would take to earn the money to pay some other people to do it.

6. Because our children are out to get us.

7. No, but if I had, I would have patted her shoulder.

I'm tired of hearing about the antibiotics thing too. I met with a "holistic" doctor yesterday and was told that what makes him different from a regular doctor is that he doesn't prescribe antibiotics for viruses and that he does acupuncture to get rid of allergies.

Um, hello...NOBODY prescribes antibiotics for viruses. And acupuncture? For KIDS? Kids, who don't have the ability to sit STILL while somebody puts needles in their bodies?

No, thank you.

Also, did you know that you can get an otoscope at Walmart to see if your kid's ear is infected BEFORE you take him to the doctor?

I have heard that when you freeze salsa the tomatoes break down. So if you want chunky salsa that is a problem. I you don't want/like chunky then no problem.

I am also on a cooking from scratch kick...except for last night when we had frozen pizza. It turns out that making stuff from scratch isn't really all that hard, and it is so much healthier. So I'd be interested in what you're doing there.

I hope Mia always sings her own songs. :)

For the babysitter - $5-7?

And I loved the pic of the kids. LOVED.

I would like to hear about the cooking from scratch kick... :-)

My dad makes kickbutt homemade salsa and I would totally give you the recipe but he never makes it the same way twice...

As for the cold/antibiotics my experience was always as follows,
Doctor: I'll give him amocillin
Me: Please give us the ceclor, the amoxil won't work.
Doctor: Yes, it will.
2 weeks later...
Doctor: Let's try some Ceclor.
Me: Yes, Let's......
If I only had the money I'd wasted all though times on amoxil,I could pay for his coming up senior year at university!!!!!

oh Beth,
The traps we set for ourselves when we try to be COOKING FROM in starting with DRY INGREDIENTS????
Just remember A)you can buy GREAT salsa from most local mom&pop mexican restaurants
B)"from scratch" doesn't necessarily mean you can't use some pre packaged items in your recipe, it just means that you didn't just hide the take out bags in the trash,put some flour on your forehead and walk out to announce to your family that you'd been cooking for hours. LOL
AND the crock pot works in the summer too missy. Sometimes even better, you put ingredients into it in the morning, go outside with the kids, give them & the mother's helper sidewalk chalk (preferably the 3-D kind) while you cut trees or pull weeds and when you come in all hot and sweaty and blistery, the crock pot has done your work for you!
OR...putting lots of fresh veggies in foil with meat and seasonings of your choice and popping it on the grill on low while you're outside gardening or just laying in the grass looking at clouds with your kids...that's what summer is all about...
AND to Mr. Lady-those artificial "crab sticks" that come pre packaged are great shredded in a soft taco shell topped with a white cheese of your choice melted for a few seconds in the micro wave. Add sour cream and salsa on top and you're done in about two minutes.
Have a good Friday Beth!
Karen :)

You have my sympathy on the Dr. thing. I try to wait as long as possible before taking my son to the Dr. A couple of months ago he had a bad cold, but seemed to be improving so I did not drag him to the Dr. Sure he seemed a little wheezy one day but it got better. The next week we went to his 2 year well visit. We left with a sick kid, two prescriptions and a follow up visit. I felt like the worst mother ever (I have gotten over it)

I live in the same metro area as you...I would pay a full fledged babysitter $10/hour for us to go out-so I guess that I would pay $5 for a child too you to babysit but old enough to help and entertain.

Hope Owen feels better soon and the rest of you stay healthy.

When I used to babysit one kid a few years back I was paid $5/hour. I think that is a reasonable amount to be paid.

"I saw a man jogging today in sneakers, dress pants, and a button down shirt. I wanted to pull over and hug him."

And then take a shower... ;-)

We were looking for a mother's helper to entertain two five year olds this summer while daddy worked. He would never leave the premises - just someone to entertain/occupy them. We were willing to pay about $5/hour - which most of the other moms in my office agreed to. The girl wanted $8/hour. We backed out.

$8/hr is more than minimum wage here - and we can stick them both in a "program" for that kind of bucks.

And, if you want good salsa, don't freeze it - can it. It can be wonderful good - I had a college roommate whose mom did it that way. It was WONDERFUL.

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