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Ah, weekend

I have decided that Spring weekends with two little kids are one of the highlights of life. We are finally able to get out of the house and just wander off to whatever suits our fancy. And this weekend was gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that on Saturday morning once Chris finally hauled himself out of bed I strapped on some shoes and went for a run. I went just under 3 miles in 32 minutes, which is nothing fabulous, but considering that the last time I went running was a year ago and the last time I did it with any dedication was two years ago, not too bad.

We hung around the house the rest of the morning, had an early lunch and early naptime, and then headed off to the second birthday party of my totally adorable niece. Seriously, there is no niece anywhere in the world who is as perfectly adorable and charming as my niece. The party was amazing. My brother and sister-in-law still hang out with a lot of their friends from high school, many of whom are now married with children. It always blows my mind to see these people that I clearly remember as annoying-as-all-hell twelve year olds cradling their beautiful children. Also, I am starting to hate my sister-in-law just a little bit because she is 21 weeks pregnant with her second child and if you didn't know you would never know. We are going to the beach together next month, and I am going to be fatter than she is, I just know it.

(Also OMG NIECE NIECE NIECE NIECE NIECE I AM GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER NIECE OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! Whew. Thanks for letting me get that out of my system.)

(Hey, is anybody D.C. Metro expecting a boy? I have boxes full of boy clothes and no nephew to pass them along to.)

Chris and Mia attempted to camp in the backyard on Saturday night. Mia was thrilled by the whole read books, eat skittles, commandeer the camera and take pictures in the tent part, but not so excited by the lie down and go to sleep part, so we all spent the night in our own beds.

Sunday both children slept until nearly 8:00. Clear evidence that I have done something good at some point in my life since I was up with both of them until 3:00. I headed out early to pull weeds and asked Chris to get the kids ready for a trip to a local farm so we could leave by 10. He came out at 9:30 and announced that they were ready and leaving, and just like that he took both children and left the house. For the first. time. ever. I was so proud. He even remembered sunscreen and water and snacks. So I kept weeding with Ira Glass whispering sweet nothings into my ears, then even had thirty minutes alone in the house. Which I used to try on new bathing suits and do laundry, but whatever.

Then my in-laws, recently returned from three weeks in France (they go every year, poor darlings) came for a visit, followed by lunch, naptime, and a trip to the pool. Mia bravely dunked her face in the water several times, and Owen tripped next to the baby pool and managed to roll himself straight in to the water. Chris was right there, of course, and I was across the deck but covered the distance in about three sprinting strides to tear a perfectly-fine Owen from his father's arms. He was under for maybe half a second, and I knew he was never really in danger, but it still freaked me out a little bit. Owen and I left soon after while Mia and Chris stayed to swim.

Baths, dinner, bedtime.


Lovely weekend.

Comments (16)

Congratulations on your second niece.

Beth in reverse order,
I'm surprised you even touched the ground let alone counted three strides.scary.after any scary event must have mom hug, even though dad hug is good too
WTG Chris lifesaver/mommie daysaver/renaisance man
he remembered the sunscreen???
...mindless weeding is very zen
And finally when you said strap on....I was a bit worrried.
have a great week. Don't forget to come by for ten questions tuesday with Joe Konrath...he doesn't talk about your boobs, but man it's funny.


I left the same comment on Chris' website. Michael is also obsessed w/ camping and did the same thing. Lasted until 8 and went to his own bed. Must be the age.

Congrats on the new niece.

Yipes on the pool incident!
Hooray on the advent of new neice!

And re: baby boy clothes. Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter has a thrift store called The Resourceful Woman in Leesburg. All proceeds go to LAWS, and they provide free clothes to moms and babies using their shelter.

Time alone at home? So lovely! Hurray for Chris!

I'd kill for time alone at home. Of course, it would be short-lived until the police showed up, and then I'd *never* be able to get alone time again, so maybe I'll just lock myself in the bathroom for 15 minutes at a time.

Sounds like a lovely weekend. It's great how they just *happen* like that once in a while and you have to appreciate them for what they are... :-)

(and they DO happen to me too sometimes, btw)

Congrats on niece #2!

Alone time! You are one lucky girl! I can't remember the last time I was home alone.

I am glad to hear Owen is okay...I always get more worked-up when one of my babies are hurt then I think even the kids do and definitely more then the dear hubs but there is no better cure for ouwies then momma's arms and momma’s kisses!

How much did you have to pay Ira Glass to come to your back yard, follow you around, and whisper sweet nothings into your ear while you destroyed weeds? You apparently have a lot of clout.

related to nothing, really, this article reminded me of you:

related to nothing, really, this article reminded me of you:

Chris earned some good dad points this weekend I think :)
And I'm glad the thing with Owen and the pool turned out okay, and I hope your heart has recovered ;)

Oh, please. You have had two children and from the phot on Chris' site have a far better chance than I of fitting into a bikini next week for our trip! Glad the weekend was good though and you got some alone time!

ooooooh - I love it when Ira whispers sweet nothings into my ears as well

sounds like a perfect weekend ( you know besides the pool incident)

Time alone at home? You're singing MY SONG. I keep gently encouraging Beaux to take the Boy out, but it happens...never. I am really way too happy to run away for a couple hours, but seriously.

Pools freak me the eff out. I don't know how people who have actual swimming pools ever relax.

Andrew and I would be more than happy to accept any boy clothes donations. :) Glad Owen is okay; your heart must've skipped a few beats!

Andrew and I would be more than happy to accept any boy clothes donations. :) Glad Owen is okay; your heart must've skipped a few beats!

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