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Anybody Hungry?

I know, I know, you can all stop clamoring for me to tell you about last week's dinners, because here it is.

Monday - Spaghetti, sauce from a jar. I'm making sauce almost from scratch this week (using canned tomatoes), but only a smallish batch to see if I still like this recipe.

Tuesday - Minestrone. I used canned kidney beans because I still haven't cracked the code for how to make them from dry. Also cut up a zucchini, threw it in with a some frozen mixed veggies, a can of tomatoes, spices and rotini. I made a double batch at lunchtime and put it in the fridge, so just had to put the pot back on the stove to warm when we got home from the pool while I gave the kids baths. I ended up with two more meals worth to stick in the freezer.

Wednesday - Portobella mushroom burgers. Clean mushrooms, (take of the gills, people, please). Put them in a skillet with a little oil and cook, then turn them over. While mushrooms are cooking, toast your buns of choice and prepare your favorite burger toppings. I did sauteed red onion and swiss cheese. Throw it all together, and ta-da! Delicious and takes 20 minutes from all ingredients in the fridge and the stove off to dinner on the table.

Thursday - Crock pot risotto. Chris's first response to this was that it was "surprisingly not bad." And I think that is a fair assessment. It is nothing like the risotto we've had in restaurants or made at home, but it also doesn't require an hour of stirring. As long as you don't go in expecting that kind of risotto, it is actually really good and easy to make. I added lots of sauteed red onion, zucchini and mushroom on top, I definitely wouldn't want to eat it plain.

Friday - Take out Burmese. Never had Burmese? You are missing out.

Saturday - Papa John's. Cut me some slack here, we got home from my niece's birthday party at 5:00 with two exhausted and crabby children. Sometimes the path of least resistance is the only way to go.

Sunday - Tonight we are having tacos, using the leftover, frozen, totally homemade spicy black bean filling I made two weeks ago.

I tried to take pictures of everything so I could pretend I was some sort of fancy food blogger, but getting dinner on the table already requires that I perform eight thousand simultaneous tasks and it just didn't happen. Maybe this week.

Up this week we have BLTs (fake bacon, obvs) with crock pot baked beans (from dry, cross your fingers for me), tofu parmesan (from Kelly, and I am so excited to try this I could spit), spaghetti with mostly-homemade sauce, for a change, Mediterranean chick peas (from Sabrina), broccoli casserole, and the frozen pizza I bought for last week and didn't use.

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I love to cook, but hardly ever do it. I'm convinced the gods will never bless me with children until I can keep fresh milk and bread in the refrigerator on a regular basis.

Mmmm... you had me at portobella burgers.

It all sounds delicious to me. Good luck with next week's dinners.

"tofu parmesan (from Kelly, and I am so excited to try this I could spit)"

Just not in the tofu please, OR you could just add "special sauce" to the recipe description.

btw? I wasn't clamoring for the weekly menu, but I was sitting in my livingroom earlier just chanting BETH, BETH, BETH... not sure why.
Karen :)

Will the wee ones actually eat the portobello mushrooms? I love them, but neither of mine will tough mushrooms... I suspect it's the 'sliminess' factor.

wow. that's impressive!

I love that you are chronicling your kitchen efforts. I am going to keep thinking of clever recipes for you. Vegetarian of course.

Fingers crossed for you as long as you share your secret of success.

Tofu Parmesan? I'm interested! You'll have to let us know how it turns out.

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