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Baby Steps

Yesterday, Mia spent two hours in the care of someone other than a family member or a preschool teacher for the first time in her life. For those of you playing along at home, she'll be four next month. And this afternoon, I am meeting the 12 year old who, provided she doesn't smack the children or ask me whether I have accepted jesus christ as my personal savior, is going to be my mother's helper for the summer and care for my children one day a week (while I am in the same building, yes, but still). I don't consider myself over-protective, and I think if you spent time with me that you would agree, but it has still taken me almost four years to get to the point that I could manage to do this. It comes as a huge relief, really.

And for those few of you who care about such things, if I disappear from the blog for a week and you are wondering what has happened to me, you can safely assume that it has something to do with this sort of nonsense:


And finally, my friend Karen, who is fabulous, has just started a brand new fabulous blog, and she sent me some interview questions which I couldn't resist answering (psst... how do you spell "narcissist"?) and she posted them, and so you should check it out if you are interested in me being in compromising positions with Little People or Chris scoring with hookers. And really, if you aren't interested in those things, I think you are dead inside.

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Just like good hollywood movie trailers sometimes hit all the highlights of a film, you may have just given away all of the good stuff!!! Well,at least hinted at the good stuff...I'm just glad you didn't say ANYTHING about the bellydancing and unicorns.
Thanks so much for coming in to play with me.
You are wicked funny!

P.S. Owen standing on that table made me gasp.

I hate climbing and clever kids. Toddlers should stick to the floor.
However, Owen is too cute. That wild blond hair kills me every time.

I am not dead inside. I'm still chuckling, though.

You are officially f***ing fabulous, and the award I gave you over on my blog proves it.

Check it out.

I'm proud of you. I know this was hard for you.

Good for you, Beth. A big step for both you and the kids. I'm going to assume it's going to work out perfectly!

Good luck with your mother's helper. I had my niece help me last summer two days a week so I could get some stuff done. Most of the time I was right here with them (I have two boys who at that time were 5 and 3) and it really worked out nicely. I am hoping that I can get her again this year. She just turned 13 and is just like a little mother hen.

Awesome on the mother's helper. What a great idea!

I thought the whole purpose of having children was to make THEM into the mother's helpers. Did I misunderstand?

I just had my second baby (who was four weeks old yesterday!), and even though I am home full time right now, as is my husband, we STILL really need our part-time nanny to help us out too. Help around the home is a fantastic thing. It is not an "option" in another month when I go back to work, but it has been wonderful for us with the new baby. Here's to help!

Noooooo!!! Don't go!! I will miss U!!!! Seriously though, I totally understand where you are coming from. My son has never been cared for by anyone but family or school and he is 5. You are braver than I am. I remember what I was like as a teen and I wouldn't leave my child with that me EVER!

a mother's helper will change your life.
I promise.

I hope it all works out very well. And being protective of your children is a plus.

Love the picture.

A Mother's Helper sounds like bliss! My oldest is 7 and I have yet to find the courage to leave the kiddos with anyone other then family or a teacher...I figure she is almost at the age where she's almost old enough now to be a helper with the little ones so I am not going to put myself through the worry. Although I may have to reconsider when #3 starts walking!

Though I am not a parent, I feel as though childhood is usually measured in the milestones of the child: first step, first word, first day of school, first date, first car, first trip to the shrink to complain about all the damage their parents did to them during their childhood. You know - stuff like that. But parents have their milestones too. This is clearly a biggie for you - congrats.

ps I am totally scheming on how to get you to make an appearance on my blog...speaking of narcissists...

your owen and my stinky would be trouble were they ever to meet up.

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