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Can you tell it's raining today?

I was talking to my friend Sarah the other day about a kid's milestones - first steps, first words, first day of school, first date, first time they drink all your vodka, steal your car, and wreck it, first time they bring home a love interest so horrible that you go drink all your vodka yourself, etc. We left out a major one though - Baby's First Tattoo.



She's so proud.

Hey, is it bad that I just left him there?


I knew where he was, I knew what he was doing, and I estimated only a 17% chance he would manage to either crack his head open or break his neck, which is much better than I can say for at least 12 hours of every day (the other 12 hours being those when he is asleep). Besides, he had good company.


And yes, those are bungee cords strapping the chairs to the table and to each other, else Child 2 pushes them into the kitchen, climbs up, and either grabs a hot pot off the stove or a knife out of the knife block. This kid is going to be the death of me.

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Sounds like you guys need this baby book:

The bungee cords are an innovative touch, I must say.

Perhaps literally, what with the knives and all. I'm starting to think that my Widget's propensity for dunking things in the toilet and garbage (like, say, cell phones) may not be as bad as it could be.

Ah glad to see I am not the only one dealing with adventurous babies. Lisa thinks she's Spiderman, 007 AND MacGyver in ONE.

Oh bungee cords are brilliant! We tied all the chairs to the table legs for like 2 years and it was really hard for people to figure out how to sit when they came over for dinner. I wish I had thought of bungee cords!

BUNGEE CORDS! That is a great idea that I may have to implement.

Peanut tried the tat thing and ended up freaking out because it wouldn't wash off when she wanted it too (Vaseline does a great job with that one though).
Love the bungee chord idea! I'm going to have to keep that one on file.

Welcome to the world of little boys :)
Cracking up over the bungee cords...great idea!

My little boy grabs every knife he sees, too! What IS it about little boys?

Yeah sure, I would have left him there too. What's he gonna do?

stop killing us with pics of cuteness of the highest level ever....

BETH! OMG, you seriously just solved an enormous problem of mine. It is so simple! How did we not think of the bungee cords under the table! Imagine your life, without the bungee cords - my life for the past 8 months. I have found my son standing on the stovetop, sitting in the sink, pouring salt out of the salt shakers, putting stuff into the microwave and turning it on. We have moved all the chairs to another room, he drags them back in. We tied them together in another room and he dragged the whole mess in. We did not try tying them together under the table. How did we miss this? Thank you so much!

oooh bungee cords, good idea!

I was just chuckling to myself and being all smug that I have girls so this isn't something I have to worry about and then I just hollered at Diva to get away from the stove while itís on and to put that chair back before I throw it in the garbage...Oh and a few weeks ago the baby was taking a nap and I was out in the garden Diva heard a little peep come from the nursery and took a stool and climbed up on the crib and went ahead and got the baby out of the crib all by herself and brought her out to me while my oldest watched and then decided to tell me after the baby was safe in my arms that she almost dropped her! Yeah I think I had better go get some bungee cords myself! You are brilliant!!!

"Hey, is it bad that I just left him there?"

I think it's like the five second rule for dropped can leave him there long enough to get a picture of it...and then weigh the clear and present dangers....

It's only not okay to leave him there if he's already climbed onto the counter and gotten the knives.

He looks awfully cute there under the table :)

him: "is that a picture of me?"

me: "no. His name is Owen"

him: "oh. Is there an Owen in my world?"

me: "yes, there's an Owen on your soccer team. You were fighting with him yesterday over a rock (pebble). But it's not the same Owen"

him: "why did you take the rock away?"

me: "because you were fighting over it"

I babysat for a family in which the wife called the husband "boo-boo." I thought this was just a slightly odd affectionate name, "honey" to the next level. (Oh, and this was years before "boo" became mainstream.) One day they told me how he got his nickname--turned out that his whole family called him Boo-Boo, because as a toddler and child, he was so daring and hence, accident-prone, they would just yell "No, you'll get a boo-boo!" and with time it because easier to just yell, "boo-boo!!" Their favorite example was that one day when he was two, his mother found him on top of the fridge enjoying an apple. That he was slicing up with a paring knife.

Just be glad you were there for Mia's first tattoo. That way when she tells you about the 2nd one (one her ankle) and the 3rd (Moooommmm - I can't tell you where *blush*) in about 12 years, you are better prepared. I still remember springing the news of my first inking to mom and dad (So here's the good news: I am not pregnant and I don't have a drug addiction. However, I can't be buried in a Jewish cemetary...)

Gates. You need gates to keep the children out of the kitchen. It is only a matter of time before he figures out how to undo the bungee cords. Of course, the gates don't keep them from throwing things into the kitchen that can hit you or that you can trip on. Ah, the joys of cooking with a toddler.

Impressive idea with the bungee cords. I will have to share with my sister. Her almost 3-year-old would jump off the roof if she let him. Love the tats too.

Impressive idea with the bungee cords. I will have to share with my sister. Her almost 3-year-old would jump off the roof if she let him. Love the tats too.

Impressive idea with the bungee cords. I will have to share with my sister. Her almost 3-year-old would jump off the roof if she let him. Love the tats too.

OMG, I love the bungee cords. How tight do they have to be in order not to have the other child not take them off and wrap them around his neck? (My older boy loves to pretend that they are stethoscopes.)

We did bungee cords too! Don't worry too much about his cracking his head. With such a small distance between his head and the table he wouldn't be able to build up enough velocity to really crack it hard. Not that I would know about these things. My boys are perfect angels.

Little boys can be real adventurers!

I feel your pain. Petal has taken to dragging a stool over to the (only) kitchen drawer as she's worked out she can get her hand over and in from the side. Then she can play with all sorts of delightful things - scisors, steak knives, potato peelers... eeeek!

You do realize that in that last photo, Owen, aka McGyver, is figuring out how to undo those bungee cords.

OMG I am totally taking that bungee cord idea. We have to put our chairs on their side, under the table, and it's a major pain in the ass. Thanks!

Thank you for making me laugh! You have extraordinarly beautiful children by the way. I don't say that often as I tend to think mine is the most perfect, but wow.

Thank you for making me laugh! You have extraordinarly beautiful children by the way. I don't say that often as I tend to think mine is the most perfect, but wow.

Really, seriously, the bungee cords are brilliant. I'm filing that one away for future use!

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