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Dishwasher, Reprise

People, I'm sorry. A lot of you seem to really have problems centered on the dishwasher. And the fact is that I don't. I unload the dishwasher every morning while the kids are having breakfast (Owen has to be strapped onto something while I do it or else he tries to "help," so i opt for using the high chair instead of duct taping him to the couch. And ok, I do have one issue with the dishwasher. Actually, it is Chris's issue. He gets very upset when he puts something in the dishwasher and I move it. He feels that I am criticizing him, trying to make him feel incompetent, some crap like that. I cannot make him understand that I am just trying to load the dishwasher in a way that will result in fitting as much as possible into it and all of those things getting clean and that I constantly move things that I loaded into the dishwasher myself with the same goal in mind. I reload the dishwasher, and it makes my husband very angry.

I thought it was going to be blatantly clear that this post was not actually about unloading the dishwasher. Actually, I still think it is blatantly clear that it is not actually about unloading the dishwasher, but the vast majority of the people who were kind enough to comment never got the slightest inkling that I was referring to anything other than unloading the dishwasher. Unloading the dishwasher was meant to be a... well, I don't know what to call it. Not a metaphor really, perhaps a surrogate? Yes, a surrogate for some other situation where you and your spouse discuss issue X, you and your spouse jointly decide that the appropriate response to issue X is for your spouse to take action Y, which action is something that should be completed in a timely fashion to avoid inconvenience or other undesired results, and then your spouse frequently claims to be just about to complete action Y while never actually doing anything about it.

(If you want to know exactly what I am talking about, you can get clued in here.)

And I feel sort of bad about it, that I got so many of you riled up about the dishwasher or other annoying ways in which your household responsibilities and your partner's household responsibilities are unbalanced. But I also want to thank you, because so many of the comments on that post are unintentionally hilarious that I have been laughing my ass off for two days. So I am sorry that I lead you astray, but I appreciate the steps you took to unwittingly improve my week..

(And I've decided to keep the skort.)

Comments (32)

I will admit that it went completely over my head. I'm off to read the comments on that post. I hope mine made you laugh too. Have a wonderful weekend.

I find that whenever I write about a subject that involves "situation that has deeper/larger implications," I understanding. Like, people saying, "You should be glad your husband EVER does that chore!!" and "YOU SHOULD BE GLAD YOUR HUSBAND ISN'T DEAD!!!"

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. We have that same dishwasher problem in our house. And my answer remains the same! Sigh.

HA! Usually my preverted mind leads me down this path when there is no intention. This time, it sailed right over my head. Too funny!

I need to go back and reread :-)

Yeah I definitely missed all that ;) I mean Chris's title kind of made me think something but it passed quite quickly ;)

Reread it. Can't believe I didn't catch that. I guess hitting him over the head with it would be a horrible option then, huh? heh

I will admit to not catching on about the meaning of the dishwasher upon first reading. I sort of caught that it wasn't really about the dishwasher, per se, but it didn't quite dawn on me until I read some comments what the specifics were.

Anyway, I'm glad Chris has started the process of finalizing the dishwasher unloading. Just be careful right after the unloading process, since I have a friend who unexpectedly began the dish acquisition process one last time because she and her husband hadn't gotten confirmation that the last of the detergent had rinsed away.

I see it now. Hand wash the dishes -- ha!!!!

I was confused about some parts of the original post, but I couldn't think what else you might be talking about. Oops!

i have the same "coffee cup" issue. and after reading chris's blog i feel like a total tard. THANKS!

I GOT IT! In fact, I substituted my own household drama into your lawn mowing; cleaning cat litter; picking something up off the stairs and not walking over it fifty times;...

I loved the skort - with kidlets, they are practical (yes a little, well ya know,) but practical...

still laughing about the dishwasher and the backlash of people who have serious dishwasher discord!

and glad you are keeping the skort. i bought a pair myself so i can go in public with 2 year old twins and try not to be the biggest part of the freakshow :)

Sorry... I still didn't get it even after I was redirected to a conversation about your husbands balls. I sat here thinking wtf does any of this have to do with nuts and lord am I sorry I was diverted to a post about nuts.

It wasn't until I read some of the comments here that I finally got it. Eh.. Blog fail/comprehension fail. There's always tomorrow!

I had a feeling that's what was going on... It was probably more obvious to those who read both blogs since Chris's post clearly had nothing to do with dishwashers. But, wowzers, great teamwork on the blogging there! very clever!

Actually, Wendy's comment made perfect sense on that last dishwasher post :)

I feel sooo stupid! I mean, I knew you guys had discussed "the dishwasher," but I never realized your post was about anything BUT an actual dishwasher until I read Chris' post. Durr.

This is why we love you guys and keep coming back for more. We don't always get you, but you keep us on our toes :)

OOH BOY! Ok. I'm a little slow but I'm sticking with my original comment which was, "I'm certain that my husband does not know where the dishwasher is."

Thank you for the clarification.

In that case, I want to update my original response:
Do NOT get divorced over this! You will fight over who gets to keep the "dishwasher".
(Chances are he'll get it, though. dangit)

I'm offended that you are laughing at me.

Okay! Well, in that case, hold your horses and be patient Beth.

Duh. Totally missed that one, although I knew I was looking for deeper meaning, the dishwasher issue is still deep.

I am impressed that he will even consider the snip snip. That's a big step in itself, but execution is key here.

I totally missed it. But re-reading the post...I get it now. I didn't even get it when Chris linked. It's been a busy week; what can I say.

The skort is good. I'm so glad I didn't post a dishwasher comment, but they will make for some good reading later tonight.

I didn't get it until I read Chris's blog, and then I was seriously cracking up. Hee-hee!

It went over my head, but I didn't comment. The dishwasher is the least of my problems! For the life of me, though, I couldn't figure out what the BIG DEAL was if someone "ran the dishwasher again" and cleaned all the clean dishes. That would be a waste of water, yes, but not something to fret about, surely. ;^)

I knew it wasnt about the dishwasher but could not fathom what you really meant!

Tell Chris once he "unloads the dishwasher", household chores become more frequent and spontaneous....

Yep, totally over my head. I have some experience with my hubby promising to do some mundane chore but refusing to do so on my timeline. Our second kid, however, is difficult enough that he did not put off "emptying the diswasher."

Maybe you'd like three children. If you're lucky, it could be twins and you could have a family of FOUR children! Let him read this comment and see him fly to keep his appointment.

And now I went back and re-read your dishwasher post and snorted coffee out my nose.

I, too, had NO clue this was about something other than the dishwasher! Nice work :)
I haven't even brought up the subject...and I am SO done with having kids. I am thinking my husband will say NO WAY. So the Mirena is my friend for now, at least for the next 4 years.

I'm sorry, but you had me at "I unload the dishwasher every morning...."
(sorry, inside, I'm just a 12 year old)

catching up is fun, it's like finally getting the joke you were told when you were 15.

I didn't get it until I read Chris's post and saw "Empyting the dishwasher" in quotes. Quotes! That's the one thing missing from your post. But the analogy itself is excellent, and on a second read, I can totally see it now.

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