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On Saturday, Chris and I put aside a fair amount of trepidation and took both kids to a local town fair. We expected to be there maybe two hours before one or both of the kids had an irredeemable meltdown and we hightailed it back to the car. We finally dragged the kids away five hours later, and would probably have stayed a couple more hours if not for the babysitters who were due at our house in two hours and a desperate need for showers, baths, and naps.

We had a great time. It was just this perfect day where the kids were sweet and charming and absolutely well-behaved and we all had fun and enjoyed the day and the activity and each other. And there was good Thai food and sno cones and a merry go round and art projects with shaving cream and a dog show and kid bands. We enjoyed it so much that we decided we would go back on Sunday.

And then on Sunday morning (after Chris and I had a fabulous date night and even saw a movie! In the theater!) (Star Trek, it was great), Mia lost her shit. She screamed and cried and whined and yelled and stamped her little feet for three solid hours. She had far more chances than she should have to pull herself together and go to the fair, and she just couldn't do it. And just like that, one of the best days ever melts into one of the worst mornings ever. We redeemed the day with an afternoon trip to the pool, but I think we were all shell shocked for the rest of the day.

Kids are nuts.




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There is no way that little girl would misbehave. She's positively angelic. ;-)

I think you summed it up nicely and accurately. Kids are nuts! Mine included. I guess we can all have bad days, but hooboy(!)you can never quite predict when one of those types of meltdowns will hit!

I told you that you would love the new Star Trek!

So percentage wise, did the meltdown cancel all of the good of the rest of the weekend???

Or was it a 70/30 split? 60/40? 50/50?

Good Monday to you and Happy June!!
Karen :)

I hope you got one or two of my husbands balloons! It was really a great weekend for the festival.

We go to that festival every year. It normally coincides with our (almost) 10 year-old's birthday. We convinced him years ago that we are actually the ones who arrange the Saturday night fireworks in celebration of his b-day, so we go to our not-so-super-secret viewing area each year and sit right under them. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished. Our 7 year old was dead tired Sunday morning and has been a nightmare ever since, so I'm glad you managed to salvage Sunday.

happens every time I take my son to a carnival in town, and he's five. This summers is this week...we'll see if it's an improvement over last year.

It amazing how they can have one wonderful day and then completely freak out the next and ruin what could have been another great day.

Mia...have a tantrum? No! That doesn't seem possible. Well, like I posted on Chris' blog, that just meant he didn't have to suffer through two ass fires. Eek! Glad you got a date night though!

Wow. Well at least the meltdown was yesterday, when both you and Chris were there to deal with it. Imagine how big the meltdown would have been this morning had she been a delight all day Saturday and Sunday.

Kids might be nuts...but God yours are gorgeous!

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