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Last minute is my middle name

Where do you buy those temporary tattoo things in wide-eyed cartoon character and pretty flower varieties, other than individually from vending machines? Please note how quickly I have moved from "My, I find fake tattoos for children so distasteful" to "I need 500 of those sumbitches with which to plaster the children at the beach next week."

We leave for a week at the beach tomorrow. (Dear Potential Robbers, the blue rug in the living room is by far the most valuable thing in the house. Bring a friend. And a hand truck, that thing is heavy.) Anybody want to guest post for me? Leave a comment or email and I'll get back to you.

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Try a place like Party City, if you have them in your area.

Party Store is my best suggestion.

We can find them in Target, CVS, and such on occasions -- but check the party stores.

And I thought they were ick too for a long time -- up until the point that another child's dad pushed his daughter into using the temp tattoos to make a 'tramp stamp.' Suddenly, my son's request to have one on his hand or arm was totally acceptable.

I've found them in the dollar bins at Target. I've found Madagascar 2, Spiderman and the Incredibles tattos in those bins. You get a sheet for $1 most of the time.

I got some Ariel ones last week at Target in the dollar section. They had other varieties as well. Not sure if all Targets will have them though...

I second the dollar spot at Target - although it's hit or miss. I've also found them in the art-supply aisle there, and I think there are some in the party supply area, as well (for favors).

One warning, if your kids get any tan color at all, they will have white spots where the tatoos were. Kate has very little color, but enough so that her forearms look polka-dotted.

Have fun!

Dollar Store! They never fail me. Then you can get glow sticks and glow necklaces and bracelets, too. Those NEVER fail to amuse. And I always get fake tattoos when I go on family vacation. I wish I could fool my mother into thinking they were real, but I've been doing it for so long, she's onto me.

Dollar store. I've found them two full sheets for one dollar. Target dollar section is usually good too.

I've seen them in the party-supplies aisle at Target.

I've seen them all over Target. The biggest bang for your buck is the books of them that they have on the craft aisle.

If you have time to order them online next year, Oriental Trading is a great source.

Michael's may have them, as well as all sorts of other diversions for the kids should it (shudder) rain while you are at the beach.

If you provide a topic, I'll see if I can't keep the army of mothers that infest your comment section entertained for a day. It's a challenge that I never thought I'd accept, but life is short and blah blah blah.

Google "Temporary Tattoos". You can buy them in sheets. Or, if you want to do them yourself, you can by the tattoo paper to print on. Remember you have to print them in reverse.

We always get ours from Walgreens.

Totally the dollar store - just look for the "made in the US or Canada" on the pack so you're not plastering them in lead. ;-)

If you give me some guidelines I'd love to take over, I mean, guest post on your blog. And I promise I will have actual content and not pictures of my kid :-)

The party store should have them.

Target also has some in the dollar bins every time I go!

I'll guest post. I'll also be at the beach if you want to hang out.

I know this won't help for the beach trip tomorrow, but I bought these great tattoos from that have your cell phone number on them in case your child gets separated from you. Great thing for the beach, zoo or amusement park.

Have a great time at the beach. If you need another guest poster don't hesitate to let me know. I am pretty good at causing chaos at a moment's notice.

It may be too close to order, but these are pretty cool, in my opinion, for temporary tattoos.

I think there are other versions places but you can put your cell phone in case the kids get separated from you. Like, in the event of a parental coup. This way, there is no chance of them getting away.

I'd just break in to steal all of the "from scratch" things in the freezer. A blue rug wouldn't go with my decor...but I guess I could fence it.

and party city is my answer too.
(ever notice how funny it smells in there? and I don't mean funny ha ha )

If you want to link to me on Tuesday(6/30), my Ten Questions Tuesday is with an author from New Zealand. She's a real smart ass (oops, clever donkey) and we discuss weighty issues like giant bugs, prince, bon jovi, movies with cross dressing women and using duct tape and tv to get some time away from her family to write her new book.

I'd be happy to try to entertain your minions for you the one day anyway.
Have a great and SAFE trip.
Karen :)

I hope you guys have a great time.

How about the television, Beth? I'm sure you need a new one. Have to give those robbers something for removing your rug!

My luck, someone will rob your house. I'm overseas! OVERSEAS!

How about the television, Beth? I'm sure you need a new one. Have to give those robbers something for removing your rug!

My luck, someone will rob your house. I'm overseas! OVERSEAS!

Carnival supply stores are great for temp tats, but do not take children with you unless mia and owen aren't like mine (we get bad cases of the "I wants" at the carnival supply store).

An added bonus? You can feel like a carny for a little bit.

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