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Marital Discord

It is time to unload the dishwasher. It has been run, the dishes are clean, nobody wants to run it again. You and your husband have discussed it, and have jointly decided that he will unload the dishwasher. Problem solved.

But time passes, and the dishwasher has not been unloaded. So you say "Darling, I thought you said that you were going to unload the dishwasher." And he says oh yes, absolutely, right away dear.

But more time passes, and the dishwasher still has not been unloaded. So you say "Dearest, is there some problem with you unloading the dishwasher? Because if there is, I can do it instead." And he says oh no, no problem, he is definitely going to unload the dishwasher. And he doesn't want you to do it, because you unloaded the dishwasher every single time for years and years and he agrees that it is his turn to unload the dishwasher.

But more time passes, and those clean dishes are still just sitting there in the dishwasher. So you say "My love, if I were to die tomorrow, I would hope that you would, after an appropriate interval, of course, remarry. And it is possible that whoever you chose to marry would not want the dishwasher to have been unloaded as she may want to make her own decisions as to where to put all the dishes, and if you give that some thought and think it might be a concern I would totally understand it and maybe we could just hand wash our dishes for a while." And he says on no, no matter what happens he definitely wants to unload the dishwasher. He has absolutely no interest in ever washing those dishes again, so may as well put them away.

But more time passes, and alas, the dishwasher still brims with clean dishes. So you say "Sweetheart, does it somehow threaten your manhood to unload the dishwasher? Or are you concerned that it may hurt, say if you dropped a casserole dish on your foot? Or are you just not ready to commit right now to putting all the dishes away in the cabinets? Or is there something, anything else that is stopping you from unloading the dishwasher?" And he says no no, of course not, in fact he was planning to take steps toward unloading the dishwasher in the very near future. We are on the verge, he says, nay, the very precipice of unloading that dishwasher.

And yet, the dishwasher remains as loaded as ever it was.

So tell me, what would you do? Continue to wait? Risking, all the while, the possibility of someone accidentally running the dishwasher again when everyone involved has agreed that the dishes are as clean as you ever need them to be? Or give up and unload the dishwasher yourself, because at least then you would be able to find a clean coffee cup when you needed it? Or some third option? What, pray tell, would you do about this dishwasher?

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Unload the dishwasher, make him dinner and continue to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I know, you hate that, but that's life.

I run into the same thing at my house. I get on my kids for not putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher and then they don't unload it either.

It's life, lower your expectations.

I hate hate hate hate HATE that. And then, when you do unload the dishwasher, the husband is all "what are you DOING? I was just going to DO THAT!" Um, yeah you were.

This is a difficult one. I would either unload it myself and not let him forget it or just unload the items I know I'm going to need before dinner the next day. The second option means he would have to unload it before you could run it again the next evening.

I had this problem with the clothes dryer. I work full time as does he and we have no children. He irons everything he puts on except for his socks. He wouldn't unload the dryer, so I tied small knots into all of his clothes.

I would use less pet names, but that's just me. (hate the pet name.)

I would just do it. And then 2 years later when we were having some unrelated fight I would bring it up. Healthy, I know.

"Honey, I understand that there are things that you agree to do, but want to do them on "your schedule", but alas, if the clean dishes are not removed from the dishwasher, then I am unable to put the new, dirty dishes in there. So for this one thing, I need you to do it on "my schedule" or I may start loading the new, dirty dishes on your side of the bed.

I would do it myself and huff and puff and make grimacy faces the entire time. Because I'm very mature.

I just keep piling dirty dishes in the sink and make sure that it's clear that now emptying this dishwasher will also include reloading and possibly restarting the dishwasher. And I'll be damned if any of the clean dishes I use for this period come from said dishwasher.
Oh, and clothes that remain in the dryer for too long get dumped on the floor. The dryer is right next to the litter box, so we're both pretty good about that.

It's amazing! I have the same dishwasher at my house. Perhaps we should contact the manufacturer and let them know that the automatic unload feature is broken.

My hubby is pretty good about unloading the dishwasher. In fact, it is one of his jobs since I hate doing it. He'll even load the dishwasher if I inform him that I'm not planning on doing it. But if a dish needs to be hand-washed? forget it. It will sit there and sit there and sit there until the bugs and bacteria and whatever else floats by clean every speck of food off fact, the pots and pans from last night's dinner are populating the counter at home as I type this.

My personal tactic with chores that are supposed to be done by him that aren't is to do it myself with as much noise (i.e. banging of cabinets and slamming of doors) and sighing and wailing as I can muster to make sure he knows that I'm irritated and he should watch out. But that doesn't seem to work - I guess his brain just filters it out! :)

I would go on a cooking strike. No cooking until he unloads the dishwasher!

This is when I get out the taser.

let the dishes pile up and just live out of the dishwasher till he finally decides to unload them...

You are a woman of great fortitude. I would've caved long before now, and we'd both be suffering for it.

If you're looking for a non-passive-aggressive way out, I'm afraid I've not yet discovered one.

Just unload it. After ten years I've just given up. Since we are on such different schedules I do all the cleaning when he's at work (especially on the weekends) so when he is home I can enjoy spending time with him. There are very rare occasions were he may lift a finger and believe me I don't hear the end of it. Especially since our days off are never together. So you would think since I spend some of my time off cleaning he would do the same but no his was my day off... as a matter of fact he was nice enough to wash and fold his work clothes yesterda (his day off) and had a nerve to mention it right before asking for loving (I guess he thinks there should be a reward system). I'll remember that next time I want a new pair of shoes!

It tends to be the other way around, here. I'm trying to get better about it, especially since the children enjoy helping so very very much (you'd think the dishes were coated in chocolate and they got to lick them off).

However, anytime this *does* happen I pile the dirties over the dishwasher on the counter and that tends to get the point across that I'm definitely not emptying the dishwasher.

Mostly, with us, if one of us cares enough about something like this we'll nag once or twice and then do it ourselves. Being annoyed about something as transient as chores isn't worth it to sew marital discord. If it's an ongoing issue then I've found the blatantly direct approach is best: "Hon, it *really* annoys me when you say you're going to do something and you keep not doing it despite me nagging. If you're not going to do it immediately please just tell me and I'll do it myself so that I can get on with other things to do." (I find that if I acknowledge my own issues with it - the nagging and OCD - he feels less attacked by the mini-confrontation.)

I have the same problem but with the laundry.

Could you maybe pick up the dishwasher and knock him in the head with it? Knock some sense into him.

I would just unload it myself. But I'd be sure it was when he was watching and I wouldn't do it very happily. Although if your husband is like my husband, he would barely notice anyway.

Sometimes, men just need a good beating. I think this is the answer and I dare say that Chris might even thank you for it afterward. It's how we're wired.

And they wonder why we nag....

I'm afraid divorce may be your only option now. But if you want to (fruitlessly, I'm sure) try to keep your marriage together (for the children, perhaps), then I'd go with Kelly's blatantly direct suggestion. :)

We sometimes unload the dishes one. dish. at. a. time. Repeat as needed. It's as ridiculous as it sounds, yet it continues to happen.

I would make sure he was in earshot and begin to unload. Normally mine would come running and finish with an "I was just about to do that!" If he's not around, just unload it. If it's been that long, you can probably reload and run it before he's home. Let him catch the next one. Hide his laptop and all remotes 'til it's done :)

I'm certain that my husband does not know where the dishwasher is.

I LOVE Swistle's comment. Yes, the taser IS appropriate in this circumstance.

Use the "Yes! As soon as..." approach. For example, he says 'honey, will you pass the salt?' and you say 'Yes! As soon as you empty the dishwasher...'. He says, 'honey, will you pick up the drycleaning?' you say, 'yes! as soon as...'. You see how that works?! And even better, it works for everything he might be procrastinating on, so you can use it in lots of ways!

You just reminded me that our dishwasher is still full from Sunday. This is what happens when we both work late. :)

Wait a second, are you telling me that you ARE NOT hand washing the dishes now? That you are just sort of hoping for the best where the dirties are concerned? Because that is sort of playing with fire... unless Chris in his heart of hearts kind of wants a few more dirties around. There is something awfully endearing about them. If you're asking for honest advice, if he's saying yes but meaning no and it's been happening for a long time then I might be concerned that this was a reason to go talk to someone before it turns into a pattern of behavior or a rift develops. Best of luck that your life is filled with many, many clean dishes in the future.

I DETEST unloading the dishwasher. I would wait. I would, maybe, handwash some dishes and leave those drying on the counter. I would sigh heavily everytime I walked past said loaded dishwasher and drying dishes. I would make biting comments about everything the husband was doing.

Oh, I would empty the dishwasher alright. I would take the coffee cup I need and put the rest on the drivers seat of his car. Or his side of the bed. Or stack it up on his computer desk or in front of the TV or the door of the room he is sitting in NOT emptying the dishwasher. But I'm a bitch so, you know, you might need to adjust the plan a little bit.

plop his dinner right on the table, no plate. when he asks why, explain there were no clean dishes in the cupboard. i don't think it counts as passive-aggressive if you've already asked him to unload the dishwasher a gazillion times.

Withhold sex. I've heard it works. Hahahaha!

I've learned through experiences just like this very one here that my husband's sense of a reasonable amount of time to take before getting to something and my sense of a reasonable amount of time to take before getting to something differ by, give or take, two weeks.

I usually handle it by nagging relentlessly, doing it myself in a huff, or burying my anger until an inappropriate later date. Or some combination of all three.

I'm curious as to the terms of the original agreement. The joint decision that he will unload the dishwasher should include an expiration clause. It may be too late to amend this contract, but future contracts must include a time or date certain for the task to be accomplished. "By ten o'clock," or "before lunch," or "after this inning," because "by the time Mia leaves for college" isn't doing you any good.

I would live out of the clean dishes in the dishwasher until they were all stacked up and dirty again, then the dishwasher would be empty (or at least half-empty) and ready for more. And I would not let him forget it because I'm childish. My dishwasher is currently broken, so I'm sad and envious of your plight. We eat off alot of paper plates these days-- you could do that too!

I would just unload it and make him feel like a jerk for it. You might just get a full-on kitchen clean up from him out of the guilt he feels.

Hide his beer until he unloads it.

Not fair. Not fair at all. You had me laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe past my head cold and had tears streaming down my face. :) Thanks :):):) I needed that this morning :)

And I sympathize. Such discussions in our house usually result in dishes exceeding sink capacity.

I start the way you do: "Hon, you're still planning to unload the dishwasher, right?" He responds with the protestations of "of course he is" (without immediately moving towards it; fair enough, because I have not specified a decade in which it needs doing). I say "okay. I'll need it done by dinner time."

And I won't ask again until dinner time, while I am clearly at my busiest cooking/chopping/doing some invented busylooking thing, when I will remind him, using the form "I need the dishwasher empty but I'm covered in chicken juice, mind helping me out for a sec?" and he usually will. The combination of a specific deadline time with a bit of chore-doing camaraderie (or damsel-in-distress, depending how you look at it) at the end gets it done without having to resort to passive aggression and nagging, both of which make me feel like clawing my own eyes out for having become my mother.

oh, beth, you are SO cute and clever! ;) and had i not (completely over-)read into one small, seemingly innocent statement he wrote in one of his posts last week, i may actually truly believe this was about unloading a dishwasher. and, in a way, i guess it is, so again with the clever! ;)

obviously, you should go on a cooking strike. THAT will get him to unload that dishwasher. when a man's hungry, well, he'll do just about anything. then you can hand him that frozen bag of peas, and y'all can resume eating.

p.s. i would NOT recommend that you unload anything yourself. it's much easier for him to unload the dishwasher. it's quicker, for one thing.

read him the shel silverstein poem about the girl who wouldnt take the garbage out, and then threaten to go on strike and do the same thing unless you get a written and notarized contract stating he is, in fact willing to resume all dishwasher emptying responsibilities in a timely order upon completion of each clean cycle.
if it still doesnt work... cut him off for awhile, maybe...?

Take the kids out to a restaurant for dinner, leaving him at home. Tell him you're not returning to the kitchen nor will you dine with him until he gets his fireplacing chores done.

I've toyed with going on strike with cleaning at all and even told the son and hubby this. I'm constantly hounding my boy to keep his bathroom presentable and regularly I am appalled by what he leaves me to clean. The hubby isn't much better.

I can live with dishes, it is the laundry and never ending other chores that drive me crazy that require constant picking up and work by the Mom.

The guys could care less. I could quit cleaning for months and I think they could deal with it and just let things get nasty.

p.p.s. i mean, i understand that you probably like eating too, so there's that. so maybe you can actually schedule the unloading on the calendar (on a friday, preferably, so he can recouperate from all that work), and then stand with him while he unloads it? as support? or maybe he really secretly thinks that the dishes need to be washed just one more time, but is afraid to say so?

I would set the table with dirty dishes. When questioned about it I would then say that if the dishwasher had been unloaded, I could have loaded the now dirty ones into it and had clean plates to put food on. passive-aggressive side is fairly dominant.

I'd leave it...that's my "new" thing although it's not working. I have REFUSED to put away husband's clean laundry. It is now an ever increasing pile in the corner of our's been over 7 mos but I will not put them away. Unfortunately & obviously he doesn't see the need to put then in a drawer when he can simply pull them out of the drawer opening (time wasting) needed. Good luck!!!!

Dishwasher problems... Try living with someone who still can't figure out where the trash can is and what it's used for, and instead thinks the countertop is a suitable substitute.

DO NOT UNLOAD THE DISHWASHER. Instead, while he is at work, simply remove ALL of the clean dishes from all cupboards and stash them appropriatly (do you have a basement?) and you know, just stash the MAJOR ones (plates, cups etc) we don't want to make more work for YOU. Once this is done, I think he may unload the dishwasher, out of desperation if nothing else.

Is this really about a dishwasher? 'cause if it's not, i would SHOOT myself if the dishes got any cleaner by anyone's fault. And I would march him straight to the dishwasher clinic for some, eh, assistance that he clearly needs.

Do NOT get divorced over this!
You will fight over who gets custody of the dishwasher.

I am thinking my husband never empties the dishwasher because he isn't quite sure where it is. All his dirty dishes live on the counter or on the clean dishtowels, because he doesn't want to get the sink "dirty." So I end up loading and unloading. Dirty dishes on the counter drives me insane, so I put everything in, and inevitably, unload it. Such is life. I would rather train him to put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher than anything. Oh, and close the drawers and cabinets when he is done with them. OMG that is the world's most annoying habit.

Here's another idea...write about it in your blog so that Chris will see how lucky he is that you haven't done any or all of the things that people have suggested so that he will rush home after work and empty the dishwasher before you do anything really nasty to him :)

(some of these answers make this all the funnier! thanks, beth.)

51 comments already! I guess that means we've all experienced this one :)

What I usually do is unload it myself, but SO LOUDLY that he'll take over and finish it himself just to make the horrible noise stop.

(sorry, me again, but it just gets better and better! "...maybe we could just hand wash our dishes for a while?" omg, that's what i get for re-reading it...i almost fell outta my chair laughing.)

I agree with RzDrms -- these comments are kind of unintentionally hilarious. I especially like the ones about hiding the dishes or the prospect of going to court to decide who retains custody of the dishwasher. AWESOME.

I would write a blog post about it and hopefully all of the comments telling him how horrible it is that he hasn't done it yet will give him a gentle push (or firm shove) into doing it. =)

I'm pretty certain my reaction would be a combination of the following two entries/suggestions. In fact, I am about to print them so I don't forget next time this happens!

"Oh, I would empty the dishwasher alright. I would take the coffee cup I need and put the rest on the drivers seat of his car. Or his side of the bed. Or stack it up on his computer desk or in front of the TV or the door of the room he is sitting in NOT emptying the dishwasher. But I'm a bitch so, you know, you might need to adjust the plan a little bit.

Posted by Em | June 16, 2009 10:12 AM

plop his dinner right on the table, no plate. when he asks why, explain there were no clean dishes in the cupboard. i don't think it counts as passive-aggressive if you've already asked him to unload the dishwasher a gazillion times."

I can't believe how many comments you have on this entry :P
Anyway, tsk tsk Chris. Get it done already lol.

Should we all go, en masse, to his blog and harass him to unload the dishwasher? I'd do that for ya.

Every time you need a dish, etc., just get it from the dishwasher. If he complains, point to the empty cupboard and give him the stabbiest look you can muster. :)

oh, i am DONE now! LOL! Nenette just wrote "stabbiest"! this is HYSTERICAL, beth!!!

I just spent time reading this post and all comments in order to avoid unloading my dishwasher. Maybe I should ask my husband to do it...

The dishes? They go stacked neatly on his side of the bed. More work? Yes, but deeply satisfying work.

I would wait until the cookie jar is empty (which happens fairly quickly) and when he asks me about baking more, I'd say sweetly that I can't work in the kitchen until the dishwasher is empty.

Because of course, there's no room to put the dirty dishes anywhere, right? Besides, that man will do anything for my chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Or I'd just Jake to unload the dishwasher, because that's what teenagers are for anyway.

I'd have 3 options.

1-wait until the cookie jar is empty. Bribe Hubs with a new batch. Can't bake with a full dishwasher, there's no where for the dirty dishes to go!

2-"forget" to do something that will catch his attention and I can turn into a joke. "Sure honey, I'll remember to _____ when you remember to unload the dishwasher!" Nothing mean or nasty, but something he'll notice and get a laugh out of.

3-get Jake to do it. That's what teenagers are for, anyway.

I have written comments three times, and each time they have been lost! Ag!

Now I'm going to go bug your husband :P

I would just make my husband do it if he said he was going to do it. I would grab his arm, drag him into the kitchen and say, "Do it NOW, man". That is certainly what I would do.

I think you already have your solution. If your husband reads your blog (unlike mine, who doesn't seem to remember that I have one, or two, or...) then he'll see that you've done as much as you can. You've shamed him into it without getting on his case. And he knows that if he doesn't rectify the situation your readers will be on his case. You're so smart. ;-)

(Oh, and for the record, I just empty it myself. I can't even get mine to put his dishes in the dishwasher, and when he does it's not to my standards anyway.)

I can't even get my husband to even put his dishes in the dishwasher. Baby steps. Baby steps.

I would go with the taser...or open up some other can of whoop-ass...seriously, if you aren't going to do it, then don't offer. OR lead him like a child to the dishwasher, hand him a towel and walk away.

Hmmm...if this is about what I think it's about...well, the problem is that someone has to unload it otherwise you run the risk of rewashing the dishes, no?

Has he talked to anyone about unloading the dishwasher yet? Does he have any friends that have done it before? Maybe he needs them to come over and talk him through where all the dishes go.

Or you could keep piling up the dirty dishes and when it gets impossible to work in there take the kids out to eat and let him starve.

Or you could keep piling up the dirty dishes and when it gets impossible to work in there take the kids out to eat and let him starve.

My husband was shocked to know that we even HAVE a dishwasher. "I thought YOU were the dishwasher, hon! HAR. HAR. HAR."

Barely skimmed the comments, but for the record, I AGREE. I agree that you should let the future dirty dishes pile up until he cannot find a clean glass to drink water from. I agree that you should take the kids out to eat (only where there is an appropriate playspace, like Chick-Fil-A). I agree that even when my husband DOES load the dishwasher, it is not to my specifications and I reload it. I did not read a comment like this, but I bet it's in there: just unload it yourself, very loudly, very huffily, and roll your eyes a lot. I agree with this method as well.

Did you ever see the Everybody Loves Raymond with the suitcase? One of the very best episodes. Don't let that become your marriage. Unload the dishwasher yourself so that it stops making you miserable, but make sure you make his life miserable over it.

Or you could just blog about it. Point made.

I'd let him have it. Sometimes, it's called for. We have this problem at our house too and when I really get angry and tell him off (after using 100 other polite and non-invasive strategies that don't seem to be effective) it does get his attention. What I really focus on is him adding more to my plate as a stay at home mom. I have enough on my plate already and by saying he'll do it and then not, he is choosing to add more work to my already full workload. That usually makes him feel like an ass and motivates him to act. And be remorseful, I might add.

Set a deadline. "I need them done by the time we go to bed so I can make coffee tomorrow morning," or whatever. He will do them by the deadline if he's not a jerk.

Now, if he *does* end up being a jerk, just tell him, in no uncertain terms, that it pisses you off. My husband is really wonderful and thoughtful of my time now, but it took some growing him up from age 25-30.

You see, you need to think like a man with this conundrum.

"If I empty the dishwasher will I get sex?"

Most likley the answer is NO. So then the dishwasher does not become a priority.

The trick is to "reward" him prior to the task such as emptying the dishwasher. Then he will start unloading it thinking he may get lucky if he does so...

Stay one step ahead.

Chris! Seriously, you better blog about this two.

Beth, don't unload the dishwasher because the angst you may feel will be unbearable.

Have a nice drink.

Good luck in these trying times.

I"d resign from kitchen work till the dishwasher was emptied, - or lose patience all together and slam the dishes back into the cabinets.

I"d resign from kitchen work till the dishwasher was emptied, - or lose patience all together and slam the dishes back into the cabinets.

I'm so relieved Chris finally blogged about his steps forward in emptying the dishwasher! Just imagine all the cooking that can be done once the dishwasher's empty! Woohoo, par-tay! ;)

Remember my old saying "Women wouldn't need to nag if men would just do what they were told the first time."

Leave the dirty dishes, they won't get washed again. In my house I swear he doesn't even know where the soap goes!

How do I subscribe to your blog? I don't see a link for it! HELP!

I can't figure out if people actually think this is really about emptying a dishwasher or not (except for a few comments where it's really obvious). That makes it much funnier for me - as I'm coming up with meanings for "my husband doesn't know where the dishwasher is", "plop his dinner on the table", "Every time you need a dish, etc., just get it from the dishwasher" and ""I need the dishwasher empty but I'm covered in chicken juice, mind helping me out for a sec?".

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying here. Awesome post!

It took me a few minutes, but I get it now.

I would tell him to unload that dishwasher before you take to smashing the dishes! Maybe give the bowls a good kick, that should make for say, fewer dishes for awhile.

Please don't tell Chris I said this, he'll ban me from his site for good then! ;-)

Oh, and I agree with LeSombre, reading through the other comments has been a joy. I had tears in my eyes on a few of them, if they only knew.

You know, it all just depends on what you can live with.

When I got married 16 years ago, I told my husband, "I don't take out the trash. I absolutely believe that is the man's job." But guess what? He wasn't all that conscientious about taking out the trash either. So eventually, it would get to where I could:
1) Stand my ground and live with the trash overflowing all over the kitchen floor,
2) Give in and live with taking out the trash my own damn self.

(I went with option 2)

PS - It's only a matter of time before emptying the dishwasher becomes Mia's job anyway.

I suggest you engage in some role play, say, oh, he can be a patient and you can be a urologist who's just been board certified in vasectomies!

And what the heck is with the "I was just gonna do that" men throw at you when you give up waiting 6 days for the dishwasher to get unloaded? Makes me wanna unload the dishes alright...right at him.

"PS - It's only a matter of time before emptying the dishwasher becomes Mia's job anyway."

I cannot breathe, I'm laughing so hard. I can't take this! ;)

I love all the comments from people who think this is really about unloading a dishwasher.

I cried, I was laughing so hard.

@Jen R, Please enlighten all of us lost souls who thought this was about the dishwasher....clearly we are missing something.

I am recently engaged and have the same issue. Are you saying this will only continue / get worse.... The future better poss elves that actually arrive and do work...

This is even funnier now that I realize what your loaded dishwasher is! Best of luck!

No brainer. Put the house on the market immediately. That will solve the dishwasher problem.

I am LMAO in a hotel room in London at 8am.

My daughter has no idea why dishwasher unloading is so hilarious.

My short answer? It's easier for Chris to RE-load the dishwasher if there was ever an apocalypse and it were up to him to provide clean dishes to the world. I'm just sayin.

Thank you for the hilarity that ensued over this post!!!

Now, off to see more of London!

To heck with asking! I made my husband an appointment with our GP to discuss any dishwasher unloading issues just last week and then told him what I had done. I will make sure he attends the appointment about this very important household issue.

Soooo glad I didn't have time to comment earlier as I thought this *was* about dishes. And I didn't really have the dishwasher problem, so I thought "meh"

But I TOTALLY had the "dishwasher" problem!!

I am pretty sure I had the *exact* conversations you did. We even had a scare of bringing more dishes into the world. I stood over the dishwasher with a pair of scissors saying "I'll unload it myself". Nothing. So then I stood over the DW with the phone saying "I'm unloading" and he grabbed the phone and unloaded it himself (well, paid a professional to do it, actually).

"My love, if I were to die tomorrow, I would hope that you would, after an appropriate interval, of course, remarry. And it is possible that whoever you chose to marry would not want the dishwasher to have been unloaded as she may want to make her own decisions as to where to put all the dishes, and if you give that some thought and think it might be a concern I would totally understand it and maybe we could just hand wash our dishes for a while."
Okay, now that I read it again...durrr. lol.

I'm really enjoying the comments here.

You failed to mention that the dishwasher was so delicate and that one might be afraid to open the dishwasher at all.

You see, it's not about the dishes. It's about the dishwasher.

I blame the fact that I haven't had a good night's sleep in 22 months on the fact that I really thought this was about the dishwasher. I just re-read this and now I totally get it. How lame am I?

Six months of marriage has taught me that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Dishwashers, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and, I'm sure someday, childcare.

Burnout central, here I come.

My husband too has promised to unload the dishwasher once we're through washing the dishes. (We're still holding on that.)

However, the neighbourhood men have been talking recently about their experiences unloading their dishwashers, and now my husband is a little nervous. I think the pain of dropping a casserole dish is what's worrying him.

But how long do you wait? I'll have to jump over to Chris' blog to see what he's written. I see by the comments above that he has some thoughts.

A little reverse psychology goes a long way. Tell Chris that you've changed your mind about emptying the dishwasher, because it seems like such a waste when you only have 2 clean dishes. Why not wait till there's a full load before emptying? I guarantee an empty dishwasher by the weekend!

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So the Fish Said...

Whoever you are, now I place my hand upon you, that you be my poem, I whisper with my lips close to your ear.

- Walt Whitman

Meet the Fish

I want to get a pet duck and keep it in the bathtub.
I am addicted to chap stick and altoids.
I am freakishly flexible.

World's Most Beautiful Child


World's Most Handsome Child


Other Important Things

Clive Owen

Clive Owen
Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend

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