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More about shopping

So, when do you buy new pants? I've been semi-dieting and working out almost daily for a month now, and every time I stand up my pants try to go bond with my ankles. And while I'm actually really happy with my weight right now (about two pounds up from pre-first-pregnancy weight), I am still interested in having a slightly different body shape (I'm looking at you now, flabby belly. And you too, thighs. And don't think you can just hide around the back there and escape notice, fat ass) so I expect those ongoing efforts will take me down another couple of pounds. So when do you go buy new pants?

Sure, theoretically I could just wear the pants I wore before I got pregnant, but a) no way in hell, and b) they are all five year old work pants.

In other news, I bought a bunch of new t-shirts this week (hey fellow long-torso'd ladies, check out Target's double layer t-shirts) and have vowed to stop wearing maternity t-shirts. (Shut up, they're long enough to cover the flabby belly while hurling a 25 pound toddler over your head repeatedly.) I know you are all so proud of me.

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Congratulations on the weightloss! Will the 2 lbs really change the size of pants you would wear? If so, buy a belt. If not...go on a shopping spree and enjoy yourself!

For the love of g-d stop calling yourself fat!

Good for you!

Jodi's right - you definitely are not fat and you never were.

I think we can all agree that the only reasonable solution here is elastic waisted pants. You will be styling in no time!

Congrats on the pants problem! I bought one of those double t-shirts with the ballet neck for work and hell if it doesn't go all the way to my mid thigh. I have no torso at all, too bad we couldn't meet in the middle somewhere and you could give me some of your, that sounded really fucked up, eh?

I had this problem a few years ago (only to unfortunately gain the weight back two years later), and I waited way too long to buy new pants. If you can't find pants to wear in public (that won't embarrass you somehow), it's time to buy new ones.

If you think that you'll still lose inches around the waist, go for cheap-o replacement pants. Target and Old Navy are a good choice. They'll get you through the in-between time for a smaller investment than "real" stuff.

Oh, and not to be Debbie Downer, but take those clothes that don't fit (the ones that are classic, not trendy) and throw them in a box in storage. You may find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing them again (though let's hope not), and then you won't have to buy new pants again. Trust me. It gets expensive to keep buying pants.

I hear great things about elastic waists. Wish I could get on board with that fashion choice....

Okay, Beth? You are NOT fat for goodness sake. And I would say right about now is a good time to get a few pairs of pants. The bonding with the ankles thing is never fun.

Congratulations, Beth! We're our own worst critics so I won't chide you for calling yourself fat.

I would buy a belt and wait until I lost a bit more because it would bug me if I had new pants that I couldn't wear.

I would buy 1-2 new pants or shorts. If they're on sale, even better. Then you can buy more pants when you finish losing all the weight, but have something in the meantime.

I'm the wrong person to get advise from...My wardrobe is chalked full of yoga pants and maternity tops and the baby is five months old but I swear I wear the tops because they are so much easier to breastfeed in! ;) I do have two pairs of jeans that I wear out when I need to look somewhat presentable but they too have the propensity to spend their time with my ankles so I am currently in the market for a belt. Fashion is not my forte!

G-d bless Target. They also have awesome long tank tops. Score.

Once again, I'm recommending The Resourceful Woman. Get yourself some in-betweenies!

Start buying pants now. 1 - 2 pairs - nothing expensive - call them transition pants. Then when you hit your goal and you're comfortable, that's when you start shopping. In the meantime, it's silly to wear clothes that don't fit and there are so many inexpensive, cute places to buy clothes. I'm just saying. But I am also a shopaholic. So that might have colored my answer.

That's really great! You should buy yourself a few cute new shorts for summer.

I hope to be in your shoes by fall, but for now, no new pants for me (although the ones I own are at least starting to feel loose -- yay!).

If you want some lovely, long-waisted shirts to go with your new pants, try the Velvet brand at Worth the price, in my opinion.

Congratulations! I will tell you that I am right there with you on the maternity t-shirts. I, too, still wear mine and my son just turned two. They are so darn comfortable and soft that it's hard to get rid of them.

Just the other day I was wearing comfy jeans and a t-shirt that read, "Hand Over the Chocolate & No One Will Get Hurt!" and my oldest sneakers and no make-up and as I came through the parking lot of the grocery store I had a flash...."What Would Stacy & Clinton Say?"
I got chills!!!!!

First off, congrats on the loss! For those who say you're not fat, maybe not in the eyes of most people, but I understand, being a relatively thin person who knows what it's like to want to lose a few pounds. I think it gets to be more of wanting to firm up and tone though, than actually losing weight. Sounds like that is where you are now. I don't have any suggestions on the pants but do want to suggest (as if you didn't already know, because now that I open my big mouth I think I remember you mentioning having it) Jillian Michaels 30Day Shred AND her Trouble Zones, both available on OnDemand. I alternate 30 Day Shred and Trouble Zones. If I don't have time to do the whole 60 min of TZ I break it up and do 30m in the am and 30m pm. Amazing results without a lot of time taken away from kids, cooking, and other fun!!

Uh...I still wear alot of clothes from my college days (pants included) and that was....eeeeeeewwwwwww....... quite an azz long time ago (think Seattle grunge...although I got rid of my flannels).

I buy new pants when an old favorite starts to fray at the cuff. Not much help, am I. I hate pants though, let's talk about jean skirts. I buy a new one every summer.

i, too, have just invested in tons of those Target shirts. love love love.

I found some shirts at Kohls by Vera Wang. Plain t-shirts, but soft, tagless, pretty colors and long. I think they are around $20 or so, but I LOVE them.

I agree with the buy a pair or two of pants/shorts to get you through to the next body shape/weight. Kuddos to you for staying on the exercise bandwagon. I can't seem to get on.

De-lurking to suggest consignment stores. I find tons of great stuff there all the time! Plus, you can sell back any gently worn stuff that no longer fits. It's a win-win.

I'd buy one or two pairs of pants/shorts to hold you through until the next body shape. You never know. Even with a different body shape, they might still fit you just fine later.

I didn't buy new pants until I was at my target size. I feared buying them too small and then never getting to the point of wearing them and since I am overly cost conscious it made it a bit easier to wait. I still love long shirts this day I have hardly returned to the old ones that are just at waist level. They have to come to my upper thigh at least.

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