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New 'do

There was much less screaming this time.


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Wow is he ever growing up!!! Gorgeous!

I started reading your blog right after he was born. Good Lord, he's growing up.

That cannot be Owen! Impossible!! You should return that big boy back to whomever you thieved him from! lol And have I mentioned how much those big blue eyes just slay me dead?! Gorgeous!

He's not a baby anymore...wwwwaaaaahhhh! But he is one handsome little boy. :-)

It's amazing how much like a LITTLE BOY they look after a simple haircut.

What a handsome little dude! I was drawn to his beautiful smile. So full of teeth :) and also those enchanting blue eyes. You do have beautiful children Beth.

Too cute. What an infectious smile. :)

I think my heart just grew three sizes this day... which is nothing compared to how much my uterus is flipping. SO DARNED CUTE!

Awww! Now he looks like a big boy instead of a baby. He's beutiful!

Holy macrol, look at those eyes! Too cute. Humorously, I just compared the picture above to the one on the right. Same big smile, less crazy hair. :o)

WOW. I just can't get over how much he looks like the Cactus. Wow. I know that hair will be crazy again after an hour. You just can't keep a little boy neat (trust me, I've tried). :-)

Love it.

Perfect! He looks so much like Mia in that picture too!

Oh my god he's fifteen years old.

Who is this boy again? Very adorable teeth!

What a handsome little man he is!

Oh my goodness! Just look how handsome he is! And I can't believe how grown up too!!!

So completely adorable and handsome and big boy and wahhh! ;)

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. Too bad Zach doesn't have a little sister that we could set him up with...

Hello, young man!

I agree with Sarah, that smile is infectious!

You're going to have to quickly build immunity to that smile or the boy's going to get M&Ms for breakfast *every day*! And a pony.

LOVE IT! He looks so squeaky clean too (that lasted for 2.5 seconds right? - or is that just Mason?)

and so very handsome - you are in soooo much trouble.

He looks so grown up.

glad you didn't scream this time.

oh! you meant him. ;)

HE'S SOOO CUTE! Love those eyes and that smile (my two favorite features on a person)!

Ohmygod, he's all grown up. This is totally why I have yet to cut Nate's hair (16 mos). Philip told me last week the next time I leave them alone, he's going to do it. I told him that was not a good idea unless he wanted to sleep on the couch.

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