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No Fools

Mia, almost four, abides no fools. As evidence, I present the following:

Mia has a doll that she received as a gift the Christmas before Owen was born. His name is Baby Herman. Baby Herman spends months neglected on the floor of her closet, and then experiences a surge of popularity and is treated like a real human child for several days before he is again abandoned. Last week was a Baby Herman week. He ate with us, slept with Mia, was dressed and undressed and bathed and napped and patted and so on for several days. One night after dinner, Mia was walking around the kitchen, holding him by his outstretched arms, and "teaching Baby Herman to walk." Since Baby Herman was naked, I warned Mia that she had better be careful that he didn't tinkle on the floor. "Mommy," she said, rolling her eyes and smirking, "he isn't real."

Two days ago while tucking Mia into bed, she requested that we talk about lions. I covered the basics, live in Africa, live in groups called prides, hunt animals to eat, sleep a lot, etc. And then I said "Hey Mia, do you know how to tell the difference between a boy lion and a girl lion." And she said "Yes!" And I said, "Well, how do you tell?" And she said, "A boy lion has a penis."

Not quite what I was going for, but I couldn't argue the point.

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She's a smart girl. She beat you to the punchline.

I have an almost 7 year old that behaves similarly, except with stuffed animals (usually treats them as pets, sometimes babies), or even leaves or sticks. If said animal is taking on the role of "baby" it gets "borned" first (from under the shirt).

If *I'm* going too far in the game, I get taken aside - literally - and told in a whisper-voice (in case the game should overhear) "Mom, I'm just pretending"

Did I mention SEVEN? I'm wondering at what point I should move from "wow she's creative!" to "stop creeping me out!"

(Baby Herman! I love the names they come up with)

Just like the line in Kindergarten Cop...."I see you've taught them the basics."

Unabashed love for the miabean right now. AWESOME. Pretty AND smart....

That is precious. Smart chica you have there!
I just caught up with the last few posts and haev a skort comment.
I'm wondering why no one mentioned the hubby in all this.
Yes, with kids we must be practical. Skorts are practical. And it actually is really cute, and no one would know it was a skort....except (if I was wearing it) my man.
I'd hate to disappoint him, and to have him think I'd become all mom-ish (not referring to actually BEING a mom--that's sexy!--but being a mom-jeans-wearing kind of mom, you know what I mean?), when he came and stealthily slid a hand up my skirt while I was doing the dishes and found....shorts underneath.
Or, um, is that just us?
Anyway, just sayin'. Gotta keep the passion going, kids or not!

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