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Problem. Maybe.

This is how I shop:

Step One: Realize that every single piece of clothing I own is torn, stained, or the wrong size.
Step Two: Plan to go get some new clothes. Sometime.
Step Three: Haul two ornery children to Target for baby wipes, laundry detergent and applesauce.
Step Four: Happen to walk past the clothing section, grab anything that looks remotely attractive or generally the correct size, throw it in the cart and buy it,
Step Five: Try clothes on in the kitchen while the children are eating lunch.
Step Six: Return 74% of everything I buy.

So yesterday, I bought this skirt.


(Why, no. I couldn't have bothered to put on a clean shirt. And that's only water anyway, I was cooking.)

What do you think? Cute? Acceptable? Return immediately? Take those zipper pulls off the pockets and it'll work?

Do you feel any differently about it once you know this:


Skort! Oh! Em! Gee! I accidentally bought myself a skort! Now, it is a skirt on top all the way around, and not one of those oh so sexy mullet skorts (skirt in the front, shorts around the back), but still. Skort!

Which considering that I haul two children around with me all the time, and considering that neither of my children has any sense of personal space or privacy or modesty it is actually rather practical. And yet, skort!

It just seems so.... skort-y. What do you think?

(Also, oh hell, I just posted a crotch shot on the internet. Am classy.)

Comments (48)

Nice crotch shot! ;-)

I'm not fond of skorts, so I vote for returning it for a standard pair of shorts. Sorry.

You have two children and you still willingly purchase skirts?
I stopped wearing access-to-my-privates clothing the day the eldest was tall enough to reach a hand up there.
Skorts are good. Real good. Keep skort.

You're too hot for a skort Beth. Return immediately and invest in a cute mini skirt. For serious. Also, I love that you posted a crotch shot on your blog. That's awesome. You are my hero.

I think it's cute. Then again, I own a couple skorts of that sort to prevent thigh chafing :P I mean, really, you're the only one who knows it's a skort!
Then again, you really are too hot for a I just don't know haha.
(Am so helpful.)
PS - nice crotch shot :P

OMG OMG OMG! I can access your blog again! Its been months! Wonder what happened? SO HAPPY. Guess I have a lot of entries to catch up on. I should see if I can access your husband's blog again too...

haha! While the idea of a skort is funny, I do see the practicality when small children and grabby hands abound.

First and foremost? You have cute knees.

Secondly, skorts seems sensible, definitely avoids the butt crack problem.

Has no one else experienced the whole child's HEAD being poked up the skirt?? No one? It was Not even my kid. It was at a petting zoo.....although I didn't know that I was volunteering at the time.

Since I own the same skirt (skort) I vote keep it, so I won't feel like an idiot. :) Actually I really like this one and who is going to know it's a skort? No one! I haven't really worn short skirts in the years since my eldest was born (almost 6 yrs.) and wearing this was actually freeing because I felt comfortable that I would be flashing anyone when my 3 year old yanks on my clothes. It's comfy too, no?

skort seems handy to prevent thigh chafing and especially when little hands pull up your skirt, but then again, everyone will see the skort when the skirt gets pulled. don't know...but I do know that for my unsexy, not too-hot-for-skorts self, I might swing by target later. Because I also need diapers (and maybe a skort). :-)

I don't really see what the big hub is about skorts. They're practical, people! Though I'll say that the hidden skort is cuter than the "mullet" skort, as you mentioned. I say keep it! I've taken to wearing floor-length sundresses just to keep my kids out from under them (or give me more warning time that they're playing with my skirt/dress).

Keep it!

We have very similar methods of shopping for clothes. In fact, I'm due for some soap and toilet cleaner which will undoubtedly expand my wardrobe.

About the skorts ... yes, they are skorts but are cute and do you really want to drag the kids back out of the house? Let us know how they work out for you. You might just be onto something.

Personally, I like skorts, but then again I'm older than you (guessing) and not as thin. They really are practical with small kids around, or am I the only one who finds myself sitting on the ground a lot with the kids?

I think the skort is genius. I won't dare wear a short skirt, just squatting down or kneeling over gives everyone a crotch shot. And of course when you are wearing one is when you drop everything, and of course it is always in a public area. Try to squeeze knees together, bend knees slightly and reeeeaaaach down-never works and look like a fool.

Keep the skirt, too cute. And you are TINY!

throw a srunchie on and youre all set...

i vote for return. not because its ugly, but because its a SKORT.

Like the skort. Have a similar skort. Wear it all the time. Also, like the zipper pulls, so obviously our tastes are different.

I think it's cute! Love the color.

I actually snorted when I saw that it was a skort.

I think you should keep it. It looks cute on you, and like Heather said, it prevents the whole thigh chafing problem. But your thighs probably don't rub together, so that's probably not a concern for you. This actually makes me want to go buy one. I'm not a huge fan of regular skirts because of the crotchal sweating.

And no one has to know it's a skort!

Love it. Keep it. Might have to go get one for myself!

Target you say? I'm totally getting one. Keeper.

Someone up there described skorts as "sensible." Yes, they are. But you may not be ready to enter the phase of life where the primary description of your clothing is "sensible." Or you may be fine with it.

Really, only you can make that decision.

Skort=Cute. I like it and it is pratical for having little kids. Looks like it would be comfortable too!

As soon as I saw it, I said, "Oh, that's cute." And, I didn't notice the zipper pulls until you pointed them out. I used to work as a server/bartender and loved to wear non-mullet skorts. I got better tips because I looked better and not because I was showing everyone my skeevies. I vote for keeping it. And if not, I'll buy it from you, because that seems easier than going out to Target with my toddler.

Since it is not a mullet skort, it is not actually a skort. No one will ever know. Except for the person watching you crouch down to pull Mia's pants up in the middle of the public restroom. And that person will appreciate it.

Totally keep it! It's, like, fashionable. At least on the outside. I mean, really, a mom wearing a (faux) skirt?! MILF!

I vote keep it. Skorts are kinda weird... but it looks cute, fits nice, is a color that matches everything, and prevents grabby hands. Acceptable. Keeper.

I vote keep it, it's cute and you're skinny enough to hide that extra layer. I wore skorts until my youngest was four, practically held a parade the day I felt able to wear skirts again. The lightness! The coolness! The, uh, breeziness!

But until then, the ever-practical mom-skort. Our generation's version of the mom-jeans.

I really wish I hadn't been leaning in so close to the screen... HORRIBLE!!!

Skorts are only surpassed in the fashion no-no department by mom jeans, shoulder pads and socks worn with sandals.

You've got GREAT legs!! The hemline can definitely go higher because the skort's hemline only seems to make your upper half look disproportionately shorter than your lower half.

And if you need the security of short under the skirt, maybe get cropped leggings or if the weather's too hot for another layer then just get some boy short undies (which I love love love!).



They're merely okay as a skirt, and you have cute legs for skirts! I'd return them.

For what it's worth, I shop the exact same way!

Since you are in my blog roll, and a lot of my guests read you too....I need to clarify my statement from above lol....I got a HORRIFIED email saying that my statement sounded like I was suggesting something sexual with a child. ***UM NO...*** ick. double ick. and NO again...
but I will restate just for the record...and for clarity....and because it's still funny....

Has no one else experienced the head of a tiny toddler up their skirt? No one? It wasn't even my toddler, and he couldn't even reach his chubby little hands to my knees. It was at a petting zoo. I knew that it was a petting zoo going in, but still, I didn't know my legs were going to volunteer.

There that should do it.....

Karen :)

I had a skort back when they were cool (did that ever really happen?)

Anyhow, many years later, I am of the opinion that a skirt is a skirt and a short is a short and never the two shall meet.

Practical? Yes, I agree that they are...but I'm not ready to base my clothing decsions on "practical" yet. I need to have something to look forward to in my 60's.

If it were a real skirt, I'd love it.

The fact that it's not a mullet-skort (as awesome as that descriptor is) saves it for me. I'd wear it. Of course, Cole has gotten into the habit of pulling up my dresses to look at "baby sister belly" lately, so this would actually be personally helpful. Maybe my perspective is skewed...

It's way cute, it's practical for when your kids are invading your personal space down there, and as far as everyone else knows? It's a skirt. I say keep it.

It's cute.

(Why does your blog say "cheat in nba2006" everywhere?)

My vote is KEEP and TREASURE. When I first saw it, I thought, "Oh, that's ADORABLE, might be hard to work in." But if it has shorts under it? PERFECT. If it were a mullet-skort, that would be an entirely different situation.

Yeah, if it were a mullet-skort, I'd return it so fast your head would spin, but I think I'd keep that one. It's cute and a verson of the "skort" I can live with. Seems like a cute, practical piece of clothing for us mommies, that ISN'T hiddeous.

I say exchange it for a pair of leggings and a cute miniskirt. You are too young to give up style for practicality!

um NO! that is like an extra layer of clothing - in a hot humid summer - extra sweat in the wrong place.

You accidentally bought yourself a skort.

I am peeing my pants laughing over here.

Personally, I'd keep it. It's really cute.

BUT - I would NEVER reveal to anyone that it was a skort.

Unless I was drunk. And then I'd SHOW everyone.

I'm classy like that.

It's cute but oh! It's a skort! I don't think they're dorky at all but I have tried them on and it just seems like too much fabric for me. One major issue I have with them is this: you wear it and move like you have shorts on, but people see you in a skirt. So could someone see you, say, bending over (they see you from the side or something) and think you're a total hussy because they don't know about the "shorts part"? I dunno. Skorts are strange.

Considering no one will know it's a skort unless you give 'em a crotch shot, I say keep it. Keep in mind, when I say "no one will know" I mean no one aside from the eleventy-billion of us on teh intarwebz... ;)

Keep it 'cuz it's really cute.

And get yourself some Zout! I was just introduced to it by a friend and it's getting out even old, set-in stains that I thought had 'ruined' many items. They are coming out completely clean! Zout is amazing! (and no, this is not a paid endorsement. I just know how stains are and how getting rid of good clothes because of stains is a total bummer).

Keep it! It's cute, it's practical... so what if it is a skort- BTW, I have nothing against those, they don't bother me. You can look cute and not worry about too much exposure. It's not like any of us are prowling on the catwalk tomorrow so if you like the fit, wear it :)

Ha! Love this! Keep it. No one will know unless you tell them...or accidentally flash them. In that case would you rather be flashing them your skort or your underwear? FWIW, I make my daughter wear bike shorts under her dresses. She hasn't grasped the concept of knees together yet.

Well, if it makes you happy, keep it. It's not an obvious skort.

Okay... I bought the same one in khaki. I, too, was unaware of the skort properties...but. I found I actually LIKED the skortishness of it. My daughter is 3, and I have to do the playground chasing, too. (And there's the whole periodic "let's expose Mom's nethers to the world episodes-- the skort prevents this.) In fact, I liked the skort so much I went back and bought the olive one you're modeling to such great effect. :)

I'd keep it and just cut the shorts out of it. (I'm guessing they're just attached at the bottom of the waistband.)

I guess I am a big dork because just last week I bought this same SKORT in three different colors and one of the things I loved about it was that I can finally, five years into full time motherhood, look as if I am wearing a skirt, yet not flash the world. Oh well - I never claimed to be cool! :)

The skort is cute. Keep it! I have a number of skorts and simply love them. Gives you all the benifits of a skirt without having to worry about showing anything.

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