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Wore the skort yesterday, and I discovered that the real problem with skorts is one that none of you warned me about. You think you are wearing a skirt, so every time you go to pee you yank the thing up and give yourself a major skort wedgie.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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Good to know. I almost bought that at Target tonight.

Haha oh no! Peeing confusion!

I love my skort. Could it be I have a wedgie fetish? Hmmmm!

Phew... I thought you were going to tell us you peed all over yourself. ha ha ha

Do you ever just give yourself the skort wedgie anyway, just for fun?

I'm trying to see if Googling "skort wedgie" will have your site as #1. :)

Sorry, you might be SOMEWHERE in the 7,590,000 hits that come up when you type both Skort and Wedgie into Google, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to find out!

I still like the skort idea--I think they are very slimming (at least the ones I've tried for biking). I hope you quickly get used to the whole pulling down the whole thing to pee!

So, are you going to post your recipe for the egg concoction that Chris raved about on his post (but didn't get to have)?

Possibly the funniest thing you have ever written.

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