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Still eating

Last week's menu (feel free to skip if you are over it already):

Monday - Broccoli casserole. This was, you know, broccoli. I like broccoli. I did it with cous cous, and it was fine.

Tuesday - Spaghetti with nearly-homemade sauce (I used canned tomatoes). The sauce was good, but I don't think it will be my make a big pot and freeze it sauce. It was really heavy on the zucchini and I think I need something a little more neutral than can be doctored as needed.

Wednesday - FBLTs. An FBLT is just a BLT with fake bacon. We tried fake bacon many many years ago, and it was disgusting and the whole house stank of it for days. We used the Morningstar Farms stuff this time, and while I wouldn't sit down and eat it as bacon, it makes a pretty good BLT. It also makes an incredibly fast dinner. I made it with crock pot baked beans (from dry, go me), and I added an onion and red pepper to the recipe. I liked the beans, but Chris didn't eat much so I think it was a no for him.

Thursday - Mediterranean chick peas, from Sabrina. Her instructions were as follows: saute a whole diced onion and a little garlic, add a large can of crushed or diced tomatoes, two cans of chick peas, a bunch of fresh spinach (or box of frozen), salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for like 10 minutes. Serve with fresh lemon wedges (really! it was delicious!) and crusty bread. That is just what I did, using fresh spinach and a baguette, and it was really good. I also made cous cous, and the combination was the best part. We will definitely have it again, but next time I think I will throw in some parsley, mix it with the cous cous, and serve it in pitas either cold or at room temperature. Yummy and fast, you should eat it yourself.

Friday - Take out from Macaroni Grill. Shut up.

Saturday - Fabulous pad thai with friends, plus a wild dance party and for once my children managed not to beat the crap out of their children, so a huge success all around.

Sunday - Tofu Parmesan, from Kelly. I used the left over spaghetti sauce from Tuesday and made a huge mess of frying the breaded tofu (I cannot fry in oil, always a disaster). It was still pretty good though, and both of my children ate piles of tofu. Both of them. Including the one who survives on crackers and milk. I may be making this three times a week from now on.

This week I'm planning enchiladas, minestrone (from the freezer), lasagna roll-ups (from the freezer), crock pot curry (with yellow dal I made a couple of weeks ago and froze the leftovers), clayudas, and portabella burgers with corn on the cob (yes, we just did those, but they are good, fast, and easy).

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Beth - remind me to send you you my super easy, super basic, super delicious tomato sauce recipe. You'll make 4 big pots and stuff your freezer full.

I'm not over it yet. I'm really enjoying these posts.

I will definitely try the Mediterranean chick peas.

I would like to hear about the enchiladas. What do you use in place of meat?

You're allowed a take out friday. Pretty sure it's in the cooking from scratch rule book.

Hey, I make Mediterranean chick peas all the time! I didn't even know that was an official dish, but that's exactly what I make, right down to finishing it with fresh lemon juice. Sometimes, I'll throw in a little basil. It's also good over Basmati rice.

FAKE?!?!? BACON?!?!?!?

You're dead to me.

I'm learning alot about vegetarian eating, that's for sure!

May I recommend the New Girl's Speshal Sauce recipe? I made it one rainy Sunday and it produced at least 15 cups of good, basic sauce that you can then freeze and doctor as necessary later. So far I've had it with added veg and (fake) meatballs over spaghetti, in baked ziti, and as a lasagna base. Delicious in all.

Oooh... the Mediterranean chickpeas sounds delicious! I've been on a total chickpea kick lately too.

I've found that the Morningstar bacon is best when you cook it in the toaster oven. I guess the regular oven would work, too, but then you'd have to preheat it.

We love fake bacon BLTs! Serving them with baked beans is a great idea . . . I'll have to try that.

Wow! I blink my eyes and you're super cook! Those meals sound delicious!

I keep forgetting to post this recipe for's amazing! My family of picky eaters actually eat this!

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