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Surviving a rainy afternoon

(I don't do paid posts or compensated reviews. With very few exceptions, I don't even accept items for review or to giveaway (the major exception being if you offer me a ridiculous sex lube, and who could resist that?). Not that I object to it, I just prefer to keep me ads stuck over there in the sidebar and segregated from the mindless prattle over on this side. Just wanted to make it clear that anything I mention or recommend here you can be pretty sure I bought it my own self with my husband's hard earned money. Probably at Target.)

Ok, so here's what you do when it is a loooong rainy afternoon and has been 3:15 for about seven hours and you are so over playing that one cookie cutter is rescuing another cookie cutter from some terrible fate (the snowman is melting, the star forgot how to twinkle, the helicopter lost the rotor and OH MY GOD WE'RE GOING DOWN!) First, get yourself one of those cup at a time coffee makers. No, wait, that is step two. First, stop drinking coffee and soda and tea so that you are highly susceptible to caffeine. Then get yourself that cup at a time coffee maker. Fill a mug about a quarter full with your dairy of choice (mine is vanilla soy milk). Put the mug in the coffee maker and brew the smallest possible amount of coffee into the mug. Add two spoonfuls of Nesquick. If you are really desperate, add an additional two spoonfuls of sugar. Microwave for about 30 seconds, because it is going to be pretty cold. Drink as quickly as possible.

While you are chugging your caffeine/sugar hit, pull out a couple of CLIF Kid Zbars and fling them at the children. Even Mia likes these things. Well, she doesn't like the blueberry as she prefers all her blueberries to be presented to her in donut form, but she likes the apple cinnamon and the graham cracker and the chocolate. They have just enough protein and just enough sugar (plus are organic, no trans fat and no high fructose corn syrup) to return the children at least partly to sanity and suddenly you all just may survive until dinner.

You can thank me later.

Comments (5)

I have never even heard of these. Target, I presume?

I totally eat the Clif Kid Zbars myself. Is that wrong?

(I've gotten them at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.)

Buy a can or two of the cheapest shaving cream you can find. Empty the whole thing into the bathtub, strip the kids and toss them in. Once you've beaten it into them that they aren't allowed to stand up, you can sit nearby with a book. It's not like they can drown :)

I saw those at Target. I do like Clif bars in general but I worry about them really being not much more than a candy bar with organic sugar. Even if they are exceedingly yummy.

Uh, just don't look at them before you eat them. They look like a pukey puke pile.

It's six thirty in the morning. I have just laughed so hard that I hurt my stomach. (this blue wobbly thing is sticking out of my side.... do you think that it could be something serious?)
Oh.... MY.... GOD..... I popped in here last night and read your posting. Thought, oh nice. But I have no comment on that, I'll check back tomorrow.....then this morning I CLICKED ON THE RIDICULOUS SEX LUBE REFERENCE...... (did I say omg????)OMG!!
Karen :-D

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