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Beach, briefly

Why, yes, I have been home from the beach for well nigh a week now and haven't said a darned thing about it, or anything else for that matter. I just feel this pressure to capture all the wonderful parts of it and know it can never be done. It was an amazing trip, although completely exhausting for my little family. Some of the best parts:

  • The kids on the beach, covered in sand, stinking of salt water, happy as clams.
  • Owen falling asleep in my arms and taking a beach nap on a series of beach towels placed to keep him from rolling face-first into the sand.
  • The cousins playing together, hugging and kissing and screaming for each other, holding hands. Mia reading to them and lecturing them and giving life instructions based on her vast experience with same.
  • Owen heading out with my Dad most mornings to get the paper.
  • Two kid-free date nights without having to worry that either kid was likely to behave like a demon.
  • High stakes, more than a little drunken Texas Hold 'Em, played for Cheerios. The game disintegrated when the players got the munchies and ate their winnings.
  • Walking all over town pushing a sleeping Owen in his stroller.
  • Watching the kids lose their minds at Funland.
  • Skee ball.
  • Giving our skee ball winning to two separate tweenagers, and from the looks on their faces becoming the highlight of their vacations.
  • French fries, greasy pizza, ice cream, sno cones, muffins, brownies. Losing a pound and a half anyway.

    The list could go on forever, but I have to agree with Mia about the best thing, being with all of our family at the beach house.

    And now, because everybody loves grainy, jumpy, dark, hard to hear, too loud, gratuitous iPhone videos, here are two for your viewing pleasure. First up is Mia and her cousin "reading" to each other, and the Owen riding the boats at Funland.

    (I was trying to post some videos here, but it isn't working out. I know you are crushed.)

    Sorry for the disappearing guest post from last week. There's something in it that is jacking up my template and I haven't had the time (ok, really the skill) to find it yet. I'll get on it and repost as soon as I can, as you certainly do not want to miss it.)

Comments (10)

SKEE BALL! That would have sold me right there.

I wondered where you'd disappeared to! "There haven't been any posts from so the FISH said," I thought to myself. "Did Beth drown?"

I'm very relieved to hear that the answer is no. And that the vacation was a success.

how fun! i'm glad you had a lovely time with your family.

That sounds like the perfect vacation to me. Glad to have you back.

Which beach did you visit?

Wow, you make it sound so serene and wonderful. I doubt a family vacation of mine would go like that.

I'm glad you had such a great time!

You know yer down dee ooshun hon when you plays duhs SKEEBALL!!!!!

Sounds like OC, MD! Fun place!

Sounds like a terrific time!

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! We got back yesterday and I am in total denial about it.

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