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Big Bang

On Tuesday, I read Mia a story from the latest Highlights magazine that talked about galaxies and stars moving and led us to a long discussion of thermodynamics and the Big Bang. I quickly learned that I was not able to explain the Big Bang in a way that was remotely understandable to an almost four year old, so we picked up a library book. Actually, we got several, the Big Bang, the moon, astronauts, and one about all the planets in the solar system. The Big Bang book was great, she got quite a bit out of it and I even learned a thing or two. The only problem is that it led to an hour-long discussion of quantum mechanics, and I know even less about that than I do about thermodynamics. I can't believe that I am having these conversations with my preschooler. I can't believe her new favorite book is the one about "the planet that got kicked out." (The solar system book was published pre-dissing of Pluto.) And I can't believe that she is now composing songs about the big bang and the origins of the cosmos. Who would ever have guessed that kids were actual people? Certainly not me before I had one of my own.

Untitled from PlaygroupDropout on Vimeo.

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if that could get any more awesome i would have seen it on broadway first.

Wow! That was quite impressive!

She has got to be one of THE most gorgeous little girls I have ever seen in my whole entire life. HOLY CRAP! GORGEOUS! And she's already a composer??? Dude. She's amazing!

She has got to be one of THE most gorgeous little girls I have ever seen in my whole entire life. HOLY CRAP! GORGEOUS! And she's already a composer??? Dude. She's amazing!

so cute. she's a genius!

She is so precious that I'm crying. Literally.

ACK! I can not get over the utter cuteagorgeoualicioustasticness of Mia. OMG. Dying. And Owen's musical accompaniments were genius. And OMG: "It made Valentine's Day come." You have to post this annually on 2/14 in homage to your brilliant daughter.

The percussion of the couch really adds! And yes, it made Valentine's Day come.


Awesome! My daughter always asks us to tell her the 'dinosaur story' about how a giant meteor hit the Earth when the dinosaurs were here. Funny the things they get interested in.

I would be So! Proud! My husband and I are working on a plan to ensure that our (as yet unborn) children grow up to be astrophysicists. We're going to start w/ a photorealistic mural of space in the nursery. Sadly, I am not kidding.

I love it! That is quite the creation narrative.

Have you introduced her to NASA-TV yet? My kids love watching the feed when there is a shuttle in orbit (right now! Endeavor!). Given my couple of degrees in physics, I'm definitely at an advantage when it comes to answering some questions; given that I'm a pedantic meanie, I have to be careful how much information I dole out so that they keep coming to me with questions. It sounds like you have it just right.

I love that! You should add the lyrics at the bottom. I especially love the dramatic couch-pounding!

World's Most Beautiful Child, with a TAN! SO pretty, and so talented! :) Hey, you can just toss the memory stick with this video into her Harvard Admissions envelope! (you're welcome for that tip!)

You should download the Barenaked Ladies "Big Bang Theory" song for her. It's right up her alley!

was just at book store and saw Stephen Hawkings new kids book series "Cosmic George".....

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