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Musical Beds

Last night in the Cactus-Fish household:

Stage One
Chris, Beth, Mia and Owen in assigned beds.

Stage Two
Beth, Mia and Owen in assigned beds.
Chris in guest bed. (Was it something I said?)

Stage Three
Beth, Mia and Owen in assigned beds.
Chris on Owen's floor.

Stage Three
Beth and Owen in assigned beds.
Chris on Owen's floor.
Mia in bed with Beth

Stage Four
Beth and Owen in assigned beds.
Chris in guest bed.
Mia in bed with Beth.

Stage Five
Beth, Owen and Chris in assigned beds.
Mia in bed with Beth and Chris.

Stage Six
Chris and Owen in assigned beds.
Mia in bed with Chris.
Beth in guest bed. (Someone likes to hit the snooze every seven minutes for an hour every morning.)

Stage Seven
Chris in assigned bed.
Mia in bed with Chris.
Beth and Owen in guest bed.

Are we the only people who wander aimlessly around the house all night long?

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We do the musical beds thing too, although we usually end up with one adult sleeping on the couch and the baby asleep on the living room floor, as that is her preferred sleeping place, the little weirdo.

That's pretty crazy. Did anyone actually sleep? I get seriously messed up if I have to get up to deal with a dream or bathroom issue (their's, I mean). Although, for some reason, they seem to happen either several in a night or not at all.

I'm exhausted just reading about all of that activity.

I don't sleep much, so the only activity I get is moving around in bed.

Nope, you're not alone. We play musical beds most nights too! God I hate that game!

That makes my bedtime routine look downright relaxing.

Sounds like you need a nap now! You must be exhausted trying to remember where everyone is...with bed changes every hour who has time for dreaming. ;)

We don't bed hop but I am constantly threatening my hubby that he can sleep in the guest bed if he doesn't behave. I also have a little munchkin who joins us in our bed at least twice a night and I would love to snuggle her all night but for some reason my hubby doesn't enjoy her feet in his side so he always puts her back to bed after her feedings.

No, you are not the only ones who do this. Kids 9 and 11 parents 35 and 45. Wandering around most nights. He insisted they sleep with us for the longest time. (Now they sleep together, I'm hoping to break that habit by the time puberty hits. It just seems so wrong that she would need a tampon and them still be sleeping together.)

On Weekends, it's a free for all half in the sofabed, changing guard most all night long in the spirit of having "camp outs".

I hear it gets better when they move out in 22-24 years or so.

No, mine usually starts with all of us in our assigned beds (my girls share a room) then Summer hears me enter REM and clomps into my room, and then bed. Mila wakes, discovers Summer is not there, comes and gets in my bed so she can kick me in her sleep to demostrate her dislike of the mom/Sum combo. I usually end up in one of their beds. yay.

Oh my gosh! You guys get more exercise while sleeping than some people do all day. You must be so tired!

Wow that's a lot of moving around! We don't do that, but we do have our own odd routine. I go to bed at a normal hour. Husband comes to bed 2 to 4 hours later, in the wee hours of the morning, inevitably waking me up, sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose. 5yo son comes into our bedroom to sleep on the floor at some point after that, frequently waking me up to find out if I'm there or not(?). Even with all of that, it sounds like I get more sleep than you do. Yikes!

Yikes. This makes me feel a little better about the occasional child wandering to my bed but letting me at least stay there and sleep undisturbed. This sounds exhausting!

Sounds a lot like our house, but throw in a few cats. Some nights I wake up to both the baby and the cats rears in my face..

Perhaps you can think of this as a creative exercise routine??? :)

Ha! My husband does that "turning off alarm every seven minutes for an hour" thing every day. And every day, I consider smothering him with a pillow.
When Eli was little and a TERRIBLE sleeper, we were always doing musical beds/couches.

better than my 2 am "vomiting toddler in bed"

we play musical beds all night. It is driving me crazy and is an amazing source of birth control.

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