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Now We Are Four

July 22, 2005


July 22, 2006


July 22, 2007


July 22, 2008


July 22, 2009


Happy Birthday, my Mia Bean.

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Happy Birthday Mia!!! You're such a beautiful girl!

I can't believe she's four! Happy birthday Mia!

Happy Birthday, precious princess!!

Aww! Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Those last two pictures are especially gorgeous!

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Aw, happy birthday, little one!

Happy Birthday to Mia!

Happy Birthday! Her hair is gorgeous.

Wow! From infant to little person! And how her HAIR changed!

Her hair has gotten so light! So fun to see her year-by-year.

Happy Birthday, Miss Mia! You are such a big girl now and lovely to boot. Enjoy your day!

Oh, happy birthday to your special girl. Isn't it amazing how much they change in such a short time? She had more hair at age 1 than my kids do at age 4, btw. =)

Holy cow does time fly by...
Some how she gets evem more gorgeous each year.

Happy Birthday Miabean!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful princess! She just gets more beautiful each year...

Happy Birthday Mia! Love her gorgeous hair. She just gets prettier each year.

Oh my! Your pictures made me cry almost as much as Chris's letter did. She is so amazingly beautiful!

Happy birthday, Mia!

I am thirty-FOUR years old, and I covet Mia's hair. Happy birthday to possibly the most beautiful child on the Internets.

Happy birthday, Princess Mia!!

What absolutely beautiful pictures of the little lady. She is so loved.

Wishing her the best of days today on her special day.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Mia.

I love the pix! What a beautiful little girl you have... Happy Birthday Mia!

happy b-day!

Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

Aww. She's so beautiful, and has been since birth. And I love it when kiddoes are born with black hair and then turn into blondes. Happy birthday, Mia!

Happy 4th birthday, Mia!

She is beautiful. And as pretty as she looks in all the photos, toddler Mia is my fave. Something about those chubby baby arms and cheeks. Irresistible!

happy birthday to Mia!

she is just the cutest mia bean. how is her hair real???'s amazing to see the progression this way. She has grown so incredibly much! What a beautiful girl you have! Happy Birthday, Bean! :)

Wow. Four is still a few weeks off for us. I'm dreading it -- don't know why really.

That said, Mia's a gorgeous child and we wish her the best birthday yet!

Happy Birthday MiaBean!!!
Good Lord when did her hair become blonde??

It seems like just yesterday I was reading posts about "the sex" and now she is such a gorgeous girl! Thanks for the glimpse into your life!

I've been reading you since before she was born. I still remember waiting for the update that all was well.

I can't believe how fast it goes! Happy Birth Day to you as well!

HBD Mia! Gosh, she is just the prettiest little 4 yr old!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! you hair looks just like Aurora's : )

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! you hair looks just like Aurora's : )

happy birthday, mia (and happy birth day, beth)! what a gorgeous girl.

Happy birthday to your precious Mia! I can't believe how long her hair has grown!

That gorgeous HAIR! And such a gorgeous child, of course. I've been rooting for Mia since she was a true Bean and I love seeing her grow up.

Ohmygawd, that hair, I'd kill for it! Happy Birthday, beautiful girl.

Oh my WORD, can I please have her hair? She is beautiful! Happy 4th, Mia!

She is delicious!! Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

How the HELL did I miss this? Happy birthday, Miabean! And god, I remember the day your guys posted that first picture. NO WAY that was 4 years ago, is there?

I've not visited your website for a very long time. Just because I'm being lazy and rarely read blogs anymore other than things like Fail Blog because they have pictures. But I can't believe Mia is four! I started visting your website about two days after she was born and its crazy how long its been. Her hair is beautiful and she's getting prettier by the minute! Happy very late Birthday!

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