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Proud Moments in Parenting

I took the kids out this morning to pick up doughnuts for breakfast because I needed coffee. Hey, I got up at 5 AM to exercise and we only had decaf in the house. Desperate times, etc. On the way home, Owen urped a huge mess of his morning milk all over himself and his carseat. I gave him his doughnut anyway.

In my defense, he has been totally fine ever since.

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Kudos! You have now become a typical mom. This is totally something I would do.

Doughnuts make everything better.

You were simply providing him with a carbohydrate to soak up all the stomach acid. TOTALLY makes sense to me.

It's amazing how fast they can recover.

i agree- donuts are like medicine. seriously.

We do what we've got to do.

The boy needed a doughnut.

I have started giving Declan sips of my Diet Coke sometimes. Sue me. It helps when he is cranky and tired. Sue me again.

Mmmmmmmm...donuts in the morning.

I would have given him the doughnut too.

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