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Friday Random

My shopping list for today

  • strawberries
  • swim diapers
  • wheelbarrow


I bought a couple pairs of capris at the beginning of the summer, since I was too thin for the fat pants I bought last year (hallelujah), and there was this one pair that I never wore because they needed to be ironed and I iron about four times a year. They have these turn-up cuffs with these loop things that you button to hold the cuffs in place, and you really need to turn the cuffs and iron them or else they look awful. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and iron them a couple of weeks ago so I could wear them once more before it snows, and I couldn't find them. They weren't in the ironing pile, weren't in my closet, weren't in Chris's closet or any of our drawers. I was flummoxed. So then today, I was going to add my missing pants to my random post, and as I was sitting on the floor with the kids, Owen reached up the leg of my pants and started playing with something. That something turned out to be the loop that holds the cuffs up. I was wearing my missing pants, and have been all summer, and didn't know it. I know this is a very dull anecdote, but it is a rather excellent exemplar of how my brain has ceased to function in the past four years.


We are having 25 yards of mulch delivered today. That, my friends, is a lot of mulch. Who wants to come over tomorrow and help put it around the swingset? BYOW (bring your own wheelbarrow, we have plenty of beer).


I have a friend who, during the summer, develops a rather perturbing pit stank issue. This is strange, in that she is in all other respects a delicate flowers. She recently tried a new anti-perspirant, which the internet recommended to her a few months ago, and it seems to be working. However, it also stings like a bitch and is giving her a nasty pit rash. So, reduced pit stank vs. pain and bumpiness. She's having a hard time choosing, really. What do you think she should do?

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Too funny about the pants. Been there so many times in the past 8.5 years!

The pit issue, I'd deal with the smell and make everyone else deal with it too. I can't imagine how painful that is. I got razor burn on my pits ONCE and it was enough to make me not want to shave them for the rest of my life (that didn't happen though, they get shaved). I mean, pain & bumpiness, and there's daily friction from arms rubbing across the pits, and probably still a little sweat...that has got to kill.

Tell her to quit using it and buy everyone gas masks.

In the past I've used mens deodorant to relative success. I've also heard that antipersperants actually worsen the whole pit issue - they encourage the bacteria that cause the smell they're trying to prevent/cover-up. There's several alternative methods she could try (as simple as Tom's All Natural to something that's a crystal you rub on your skin - or so I've heard). She could try the ultra basic cornstarch, too. I've read, too, that any time you change your pit application you should give it a few weeks for your body to adjust to it (if you're going more natural, that way the bacteria has time to get to a more reasonable amount).

Whatever she chooses, I wish her luck!

While I haven't done that exact pant thing, I've done similar. My mom used to run around all day long looking for her glasses, only to find out they were on top of her head the whole time. Eh, it happens.

I'm paranoid about BO. I would try a dermatologist for the pit issue. My friend used the crystal ( and it worked to resolve her pit issue. If none of this works, I would just deal with the smell.

Is the new deodorant Certain Dri/Dry? (Can't remember how they spell Dry.) LOVE that stuff!! It is unbelievably effective. However, if you are freshly shaven, it can sting like a bitch. I would highly recommend shaving pits only every other day or less (you know, once per month like me), and applying the deodorant every other day, on the opposite days. Might solve the problem. Also, Certain Dry is totally effective when used every other day, and as time goes on, you can use it less and less.

I have a feeling I know what deoderant your friend is using as I have experienced these same symptoms and I think it was from over use. If it's what I think it is, it does not need to be used everyday. Tell your friend to try every other day and see if that helps and to make sure her pits are COMPLETELY dry before applying and don't use too much, only a little is needed. You have to nix the stank no matter what, so I'd keep trying. My hairdresser told you could get botox in your pits to stop sweating, not sure if this works. I think i'd have to reach noxious levels before resorting to the botox! Good Luck to your friend.

Is she applying the deodorant right after she shaves? With some of the more strong deodorants, you can apply them the night before and they still work the next day, assuming she showers in the morning. If she showers at night, she may want to wait a couple of hours before applying as sometimes the chemicals irritate the skin because she has recently shaved. She could also try using an electric razor instead of a blade and see if that decreases the irritation. Also, a non-deodorant trick we use in the ER for stinky patients is to give them an alcohol bath (equal parts alcohol and water). Some of the guys even carry around little alcohol wipes (or use the hand sanitizer lotion due to the high alcohol content) for freshening up during the day. As long as you didn't glob a ton of deodorant in the morning, it works.

If she hasn't visited a dermatologist, I would recommend it. Sometimes there's an underlying issue at hand that can be resolved easily. I don't play a doctor on tv, I just work for one.

Your pants story pretty much sums up motherhood. I might borrow it the next time someone asks me what it's like to be a parent.

Your ummmm, "friend" should try Dove deodorant. They have a line that smells nice & doesn't sting.

Which deodorant is this? I recently tried Dove Clinical and it doesn't work for s**t. Like: it is LESS effective than regular Dove. Regular Dove is actually pretty decent. Secret Scent Expressions Invisible Solid (Coco Butter, Rose or Bella Bloom) is my favorite, and I NEVER SHOULD HAVE ABANDONED IT for stupid $10 Dove Clinical. Hrumph.

Sounds like you have some pretty sound advice so far, but I am curious if a medication might be causing the pit stank. My mother's aunt, my great aunt had terrible BO issues. We had a terrible time with this because none of us wanted to hurt her feelings, but it was just unbearable.

Eventually, my mother and my aunt we the ones to care for my great aunt when she could no longer drive and needed assistance. During a doctors visit, my mother discretely mentioned her odor problem and turns out it was one of the hormone medications she had been taking for years! He switched her to another lower dose medication and that took care of it... much to our relief!

In any case, her doctor mentioned there are a number of medications that can have that side effect.

I have also had the occasional issue with irritation from certain antiperpirants. Desitin has come in quite handy for that and offers instant relief! Just apply it to clean, dry skin when necessary. =]

If the area is terribly inflamed, apply a little neosporin or another antibiotic ointment, overnight.

I love the pants story!

And that sucks for pit stank girl :(

A couple of family members have had luck washing their pits with hibiclens and then using whatever deodorant/anti-perspirant makes you happy. The key, as mentioned before, is just to kill as many bacteria as possible. My grocery store doesn't stock hibiclens, so you might have to go to a Walgreens or Rite-Aid or somesuch to get it.

Sure Clinical works wonders -- bathe at night, apply, then in the morning, apply regular Sure. Seriously, this stuff is a miracle. I had tried the other clinical strength products with zero results. The Sure Clinical is also available over the counter and comes in unscented, the way anti-perspirant should be.

I used to sweat ALL the time and the Certain Dri stuff that someone else mentioned was awesome. For the stinging issue- can she apply the new deoderant at night (not freshly shaven) and then use regular deoderant in the AM? I think that was what Certain Dri recommended...not sure if that idea will work with what she is using. These days, I don't have those same issues but I heart Dove. And the pants story- totally something I would do!

Hey, my friend wants to know what deodorant your friend is using. HER friend wants to know.

I love the pants story.

A friend of mine had a very sweaty pit problem and she went to a dermatologist and found that insurance would cover a procedure which is basically botox to your sweat glands and voila! no more underarm sweating. True and maybe will help your friend.

Is it CertainDry? The sting wears off eventually. She shouldn't use it right after she shaves, and that should cut down on the bumps. Better yet, tell her to have her doctor write her a script for deodorant. The kind the doctor gives you kicks bootay.

No, I don't know the slightest thing about rancid pits, oh no. :)

As for the pants? Gigglegiggle. I kind of love you for that one.

Degree Clinical Protection. Put it on at night and use regular deoderant in the am.

i was just catching up on your posts, so i know i am untimely with my comment, but if she doesn't want a harsh chemical solution, she should try deodorant powder by Sugarchill on Etsy. In addition to regular deodorant. It is a good drying off powder for pits and helps the deodorant power of whatever else you use.

I've been checking back with this post for a miracle cure for the pitstank. I have a friend with this problem too, and she's tried everything under the sun. It's not a sweat problem, it's an odor problem. It started when I- I mean- she got pregnant four years ago, and never stopped. The doc said it's a result of hormones, and some women have it for the rest of their lives. Oh, the horror.

People say they don't notice it, but maybe they are just being nice...

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