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Insert Obligatory Cell Phone Picture Here

The best I can recall, given that it was five years ago, the last concert I attended was Hootie and the Blowfish. Don't judge, please. I went along with someone who had an extra ticket, and I like to go out and will go just about anywhere and do anything that isn't sitting in my living room.

Last night saw my triumphant return to concert-going, and at the same venue.


This picture didn't come out nearly as well as the ones I took of the eight couples directly in front of me who spent the whole concert making out, but nobody needs to see that, so I'll spare you.

Oh, it was the Black Crowes, and while it sounded to me like they played the same three songs over and over and every song had a 15 minute jam session in the middle, it was still a decent show and a nice night and an excellent use of a babysitter. We even went with another couple, like actual grown-ups or something.

And now, if you will excuse me, we have five playdates in the next four days and the first one is arriving in 15 minutes.

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Have fun with all the playdates! Glad you had a good night out :)

I have a secret love for Hootie. I used to mock them until recently and now I can't enough of them. That's weird right?
That's a lot of playdates but means the kids will be worn out and should sleep well!

5 play dates? Social butterfly!

I saw the Black Crowes in a small venue in South Florida during 2003 and fell *in love* with Chris Robinson. Seriously, *fell in love* with him. For years prior, I thought to myself, I wonder what the hell Kate sees in him, he's such a weird, hairy man. And Kate is so beautiful and awesome! But during the first song of that concert, I totally got what she saw in him. He's a freaking rock star. Not too many of them around anymore, either. I stil love him. A "friend of mine" has dreams about him. But the music is just OK.

You are very social, compared to me. That was the last concert I saw.

that's funny - my first concert ever what the Black Crowes in New Orleans when I was in high school - and they sounded about the same to me too

Too Funny! I can't even think back to how far it's been since I've been to a concert. I love going to them but my hubs isn't that much into music so we just don't spend the money. Now if it was a car show maybe he'd splurge...He's romantic like that! I think just getting out with grown-ups and all sounds fantastic!

I love going to Wolf Trap. Every summer I kick myuself for not getting out there more often.

Please can we have the make out pictures?

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