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Suburban Bliss

We told Mia in April that she would have a swingset in the backyard this summer, and after blowing several promised delivery dates (Mommy learned a lesson there, oh yes), we have finally delivered.


Now, who wants to come over and play?

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Wow, that is the palace of swingsets! Worth waiting for, I'm sure.

Bridget and I will be over tomorrow. I'll bring our own goldfish and juice boxes, though. You won't even know we're there.

Holy doodle, that's sure swanky. Better than a lot of playgrounds in our city, I'd guess. What fun ahead!

Yes PLEASE. That looks like so much fun! The girls will love it too.

wow, I SO want to come over and play! Mia must be thrilled, and it looks like it even has a spot to appease Owen's climbing soul :)

A swing! And a slide! If I was you, I'd be all, "Back off kids. Mommy needs to break this in."

Okay, umm, just sent you an email and letting you know in case it goes to your spam folder. :)

Wowee wow, that looks like a whole lotta fun! Not many of those in our PG neighborhood, but thankfully we have a bunch of local community playgrounds that have been newly installed in the last few years.


That is the best backyard playset I have ever seen! How fun and what great memories will be made for years to come. Enjoy!

That is the best backyard playset I have ever seen! How fun and what great memories will be made for years to come. Enjoy!

Wait, is that Owen on the ground? HOW DID HE BECOME A LITTLE MAN SO QUICKLY?

I want to come over to live!

Wow, super cool! I wish we could come over. I'm a bit jealous!

Holy hell, that thing is awesome. The ones I've been eyeing with the idea of maybe selling a kidney or two to pay for it look like total CRAP compared to that.

That is one AWESOME swingset! I'm not showing that to my kids, though, or else they'll wonder why they don't have one just like it. Why? Because I don't think we even have enough room in our backyard.

Maybe I could live in the little club house there?

Holy crap on a log! That is outstanding. The kind of thing that if it were in my back yard (besides the fact that there would be no more back yard), I'd often be heard screaming "I don't care if it's a blizzard, get out there and play on that damned thing!!! We only get organ meats because of that thing!!!" But I'm a lot less gracious than you appear to be ;-)

Congratulations. We've been promising a play room in the basement for 5 years. So you're doing ok.

Wow, Beth! That thing is swank ;) I'm sure the kids will have oodles and tons of fun with it - I know I would! :D

That looks really spiffy! Let's hope it keeps the kiddies occupied for eons! :D

That is so cool. I'll be right over!

I do!

Holy hell! Chris was talking about it on his site last week, and it sounded cool, but the actual thing?! All kinds of AWESOME! I want to play!

WOW. That is one helluva swingset. I bet the kids are in heaven!

That thing is gianormous! We'll be right over. ;)

Holy guacamole! Can we come play?


that's an awesome awesome set up.

I had train tracks to play on when I was a kid.....but the bonus was real trains to


Sasha and Malia might even want to test drive that sucker...nicely done.

Wow, that is the best playground for a backyard!! Lucky kids, they must be so excited, I know I would be!

Holy Crap that thing is HUGE. What fun! Hope it gets lots and lots of use!

WOW, that is the shizzle!!

Technically I don't think we're allowed to call it a simple swing set when it's big enough to have it's own gravitational pull.

That said, AWESOME swing asteroid!!

Now that is a badass swingset! I want to play!

I'll bet Mia and Owen agree it was worth the wait! That is too cool!!

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Wow! That is awesome! I want to come over and play!!!! I'll bring Dahlia. But I really want to go down the slide.... Looks like a couple of happy kiddos.

Holy cow! Can you adopt my kids? We live on a farm and they would LOVE this "simple swingset" that you've got!

Wow! That's one VERY expensive "swingset!" It's the Holy Grail of "swingsets."

That's not a swingset, it's a lifestyle.


Nice!! Where did you find that? We're in the market ourselves....

My boys would sh*t over's awesome! Wish we lived closer and knew you in 'real life'!

Hell, *I* want to come over and play on that swing set! I'm sure once my Weenuh is ex-utero she would be a better user for it but mommy can dream too.

Hell, *I* want to come over and play on that swing set! I'm sure once my Weenuh is ex-utero she would be a better user for it but mommy can dream too.

I love it! Where is it from? That is the coolest swingset I've ever seen!

OMG- its been far too long since I have been on your site, this IS the MOTHER of all swingsets.... and if we are ever in your area we will be BEGGING to come over and play... and I might even bring Scott ;)

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