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Tunnel, Possible Light at the End Thereof

Owen, age eighteen months and one week, slept through the night last night. Ten hours. First time ever. I'm feeling an unbridled optimism such as I haven't known since Mia pulled the same trick at 20 months.

Also, I'm thinking of writing one of those helpful baby sleep books: How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in Two Years or Less. I think it will be a huge seller.

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Yes, this could make you a million and get you on Oprah!

It took me over 2 years with D. So, I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

i would TOTALLY invest in that literary masterpiece as i'm a sucker for anything that promises successful sleepers!

Neither of mine slept fully through the night until they were two. It was like some magic switch flipped for both of them at that age, even though they're almost 4 years apart.

Now that my little guy's 2, I'd say that I'm finally getting a full night's sleep... except that our cats like to wake me up to pet them at 4:30 in the morning. (They're not allowed in our room anymore.)

I'd buy it!

or at least write it so we know what NOT to do. I KEED, I KEED!

i was blessed with a sleeper through no fault of my own... but i am so sure i am going to pay for it with this next one due in december!

btw, i love the baby doll you got owen. what kind is it?

Oooh, congrats!! God, I hope this doesn't jinx it.

yay yay yay! long may it last!

My daughter just started sleeping through the night at 13 months. I'm still waking up regularly in anticipation of her. Someday I will sleep again.
But yay for Owen and you!

Ian was 2 1/2.

I would have bought your book.

Ian was 2 1/2.

I would have bought your book.

Ian was 2 1/2.

I would have bought your book.

Beth, don't go writing that shit down. Don't you know the rules? As soon as you do things will go back to being bad, very bad. Perhaps even worse than before. I will take the lack of clear judgement in this matter as being drunk on sleep. But hey, high fives and all that!

it took me life 5 years- so yipee for you!! great accomplishment.

Sign me up for the pre-sell...RIGHT NOW! (I'm exhausted and what I wouldn't give for 10 hours straight.)

I would be a shell of the shell of a woman I am today if my kids didn't sleep. I think they both started sleeping through the night early because they were scared of No Sleep Mommy.

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