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As words fail me

First day of school




Mia loves horses


Owen feels as I do


But he's fine once you take him off the horse


Mia rides a rhino


What is Owen so worried about?


Oh. Alligator.


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Who are these children and where are your BABIES? Gah! When did everyone grow up so much???!??

Is the drop off report coming? As always, totally adorable pictures. I love that place and these remind me that the weather makes a trip there bearable again.

So cute!! Is Mia seriously starting Kindergarten?!?! Because I might just lose it - I can't even imagine how YOU must feel!

So cute!

ps I totally want to poke her in the belly in that second pic hehe.

I cannot believe how grown up Mia is!!! Love her first day of school clothes!
I also cannot believe how big Owen has gotten! OMG! Total cuteness!

Even I was a little choked up by the first one. Congrats Mia.

wait a second, I am very confused. She is NOT starting Kindergarten, right? Did she not just turn 4? Have I misplaced a year somewhere? She is not 5, is she?? Not possible. So is this like first day of preschool? Please tell me she did NOT ride a big yellow bus, because, /tear.

awwww- SO darn cute. How did Mia like school? Is she in pre-k or kindergarten?

She's going TO SCHOOL!? Ooh, good grief. She's growing so fast -- maybe too fast!!

Aha ha ha. I would totally blow that alligator picture up and hang it in the living room. But I'm kind of twisted like that. He's totally coming for her.

And I hate to be the one to break it to you, but in that picture where he's waving Owen appears to be 19 and waving good-bye on his way to college.

Could their hair be any more white? Wow! And she's totally showing you her new shoes, isn't she? Perfection.

Love the pics. Those two are growing so fast. So tell me, Ms. Beth how come you are not in any of those pictures? We see 3 out of 4 of the Fish Cactus family.

First day of school? No way. Gosh, they are getting so big. But you already knew that. Hope she's enjoying big girl school!

Forget about the beautiful children -- I would like to know where I can buy those freaking fantastic Mary janes in a size 10 Women's, please.

Soo, soo cute.

Both adorable, Mia looks so good in green :-)

Adorable! I know I have never met you or your family in "real life" but can I just wonder...when did Owen go from being a baby to being a little man? They are too cute!

Adorable kiddos. But is that little pond complete with lily pads and a stone bench and overall awesomeness in your yard???? I am so jealous if it is!

Your children are both gorgeous and huge. I used to be an avid reader but my life kinda imploded last year and I went underground a while. You had just had Owen and I can't believe he's 19 months already. Can't wait to catch up on their adventures.

ohmygod cute. So much cute.

Also, is that a giant patch of grey hair in your husband's head? :)

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